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A new spy video shows several 2018 Chevy Corvette ZR1 prototypes testing. One hardtop is followed by two convertibles, with multiple rear wing options.


An extensive look at the new Amazon Prime series.


Facelift will make the regular Aventador look like the SV.


This one could make its way to the US.

What's more impressive, its powerful electric powertrain or those doors?


Formula E Montreal ePrix course layout leaks, too.

Tesla and Hoerbiger have reach an agreement over the falcon wing door deal. NextEV image leaks, as does the location of next year's Formula E double-header.


Zaps through the 1/4-mile in 9.9 seconds.

The Rimac Concept_One met its speedy friend, the Porsche 918 at a dragstrip in the Detroit area the other day. This is what happened.


We talk to the head of Mercedes-AMG to get all the details.

Who says F1 technology doesn't improve road cars anymore?


Horsepower goes down, torque goes up.

It still has the hatchback, though.


Three supercars were caught speeding in Colorado.

Going double the speed limit results in a hefty ticket and a court date.


But will Apple's recent automotive reboot stall the project?

Forget about making its own car, Apple's looking to go straight into the supercar segment.


Just seven S7 LMs will be produced. The price? Uh, about that...

America's supercar is back with LaFerrari-besting power.


Driving is hard. So is making a proper entrance, OK?

According to the hotel, this isn't the first time that it's happened.


New episodes will be released every Friday for 12 weeks.

The trio is back! And all of them have committed to three seasons.

New Tremec gearbox will be the only option, according to C/D

The latest: Car and Driver says a dual-clutch automatic from Tremec will be the sole gearbox in the rumored mid-engine Chevy Corvette.


You'll be able to choose from normal GT Roadster and the wider, faster GT C Roadster.


And drive an Audi R8 V10 in the desert

We go way too far into analyzing the ad.


Is the new paint facility really a new assembly line? Let's speculate!

We read it on the internet, so it must be true.


All hail the Emperor! Chevy's Ferrari-fighter is almost here.

The Bigfoot of Corvettes is spied.

It takes a lot to get to 1,500 horsepower

We talked to the Bugatti to learn everything about the Chiron's development.

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