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According to a new study from DUH and the ICCT, Renault may have cheated on emissions tests for the Espace diesel minivan, which may produce 25 times the legal limit for noxious emissions.


Autoblog recaps the 2015 Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, which proved again that if Nico Rosberg could get his end-of-season form at the beginning of the year, he'd be a serious threat to his teammate.


Even without an engine supplier in place, Red Bull Racing is preparing to return to the Formula One grid next season. But under whose motivation, at this point, we still don't know.


The Mexican Formula One Grand Prix returns to the calendar after a 23-year absence. Even with a new track layout and a new track surface, it's a lot like old times.


Renaultsport has changed tracks and developed the RS 01 spec racer for use in GT3 racing, but had to rein it in because it was too fast in testing at Paul Ricard this weekend.


Renault-Nissan Alliance boss Carlos Ghosn wants to reduce the French government's control in his company. To make that happens, he's proposing a plan that would give the Nissan side far more power in the partnership.


Bernie Ecclestone says that the FIA will soon take bids for manufacturers to supply engines to independent teams at a lower cost.


Renault-Nissan Alliance EVs To Shuttle Passengers Nearly 250K Miles At COP21

A Tesla Model S saves its passengers from being crushed by a tree. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is deploying 200 EVs at COP21. Toyota is planning an LPG hybrid taxi for Japan.


The F1 team currently known as Lotus and soon to revert to Renault has hired reigning GP2 champion Jolyon Palmer - son of former F1 driver and racing tycoon Jonathan Palmer - to replace Romain Grosjean for next season.


Reports suggest Red Bull and Honda are discussing an engine supply deal for 2016, but a subsequent report says McLaren's Ron Dennis has scuppered the deal.


Renault is taking inspiration from French architect and artist Le Corbusier for a gorgeous coupe concept.


Autoblog recaps the 2015 Russian Grand Prix, which featured a couple of Safety Cars, a number of crashes, a few questionable decisions, and a familiar final result.


Renault and Genii Capital have signed a letter of intent to transfer ownership of the Lotus F1 Team back to the French automaker, as it was before 2009.


EV Transportation And Technology Summit; Renault, Dongfeng Build Car In China

Shell stops drilling off the Alaskan coast. The University of Central Florida hosts an EV conference in October. Tesla built from Legos looks good. Renault and Dongfeng will build a version of the Fluence EV for China.


Renault is poised to take the first major step in reacquiring the Lotus F1 Team from Genii Capital by paying an outstanding tax bill to the UK government in order to stave off the team's financial collapse.


Autoblog recaps the 2015 Singapore F1 Grand Prix, a race where everything happened except lead changes at the very front.


Johnson Controls Expands Stop-Start Battery Capacity

Tesla factory tour includes a finalized Model X sighting. Johnson Controls is spending $555 million to make more stop-start batteries. Smart borrows the Renault Zoe's electric motor.


The fourth-generation Renault Mégane debuts at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, boasting a new form and features you'd expect of more upmarket offerings.


Renault is previewing the all-new fourth-generation Mégane set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Red Bull Ferrari could be a thing next season, as the struggling team prepares for the expected detonation of its partnership with French supplier Renault.


A test mule in Europe suggests Nissan or Renault is working on a new compact hatchback, but it's still heavily camouflaged at this point.

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