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Max Verstappen set the rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix on fire while most other drivers simply tried to finish.

Renault faces possible emissions investigation.

Tesla gladly accepts Auto Bild's award. Prosecutors to consider Renault case. Norway continues to incentivize EVs until 2020.

Carlos Ghosn, chief of the Renault-Nissan alliance, predicts lots of cheap EVs in China.

Chinese consumers can get nearly $20,000 hacked off the price of an electric vehicle.

The first five laps and last five laps of the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix defined the entire race.

Nico Rosberg did what he needed to do at the 2016 US Grand Prix to maintain his position in the Formula 1 Driver's Championship, but Lewis Hamilton closed the gap and keeps himself in the hunt.

Carlos Ghosn will become the chairman of Mitsubishi.

Expect some Nissan-based Mitsubishis in the future. And perhaps Mitsubishi-based Nissans.

EV carsharing comes to Singapore; Tesla Model X reimagined as a Transformer.

Toyota explores EV city cars. Renault Zoe endures in e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. Tesla fan commissions Transformers comic book cover. Singapore to get 1,000-EV carsharing program.

Renault could soon launch an affordable EV for China.

Josh Ensign heads to Proterra as COO. Renault appears to be preparing a cheaper EV in China. Valeo and Wheego will test self-driving cars in California.

UPS adds range-extended delivery trucks; Renault Zoe to compete in 2016 e-Rallye Monte Carlo.

Autopilot 8.0 gets compared to older versions. Renault Zoe competes in e-Rallye Monte Carlo for third year. Air Liquide celebrates Hydrogen Day with a helpful app. UPS adds more hybrid trucks to its fleet.

The door to the Formula 1 Driver's Championship closed a little more on Lewis Hamilton after a pass-happy Japanese Grand Prix. The Briton has a historic hurdle to climb in order to three-peat as World Champion.

Renault follows Volvo with autonomous-driving announcement.

Zoe, Europe's best-selling electric-vehicle, will be the base for self-driving prototype in Wuhan.

LG Chem officially announces Poland battery plant; FCA, Iveco focus on CNG.

This pedelec could be your first BMW. LG Chem's Poland plant to cost $340 million. Renault-Nissan to shuttle COP22 delegates in EVs. FCA, Iveco, and Snam to boost CNG in Italy.

Six weeks of research show that nerves soon fade.

The company has been interviewing riders pre- and post-trip in their fleet of autonomous taxis.

Designers from five automakers weigh in.

Without a bulky engine to worry about, how does the approach to vehicle design change? And what do we lose in the switch to EVs?

Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 range record; EVgo gets a new PR agency.

A Taxi company ordered its own 12-stall Supercharger station. Secretary Foxx visited the ITIC. Delivery drivers set a Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 range record.

And one that doesn't.

These are the three we'd take home from Paris, if we could.

The updates EV goes on sale this weekend.


French futurism meets luxury grand touring.

We wish it was real.

The Renault Zoe could provide the underpinnings for a new Nissan electric vehicle.

The Nissan Zoe, of something quite similar, could become real.

CA removes HOV sticker limit for PHEVs.

CA offers unlimited HOV lane stickers for all EVs. Kia Soul EV is expected to get a range boost. Renault Zoe could get 200-plus miles of range.

The 2016 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix started and ended with bangs - one more literal than the other. In between, differing race strategies mixed up the field and almost mixed up the end of the race.

And it looks a lot like the Vision Concept that we know and love.

Mid-engine coupe not only lives, but looks promising.

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