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The Civil Defense team was called in.

A stray cat on the loose in Abu Dhabi? Someone check on Nermal.

The horrifying experience was caught on video.

What a drag, man.

The build quality on this homemade convertible is better than usual.

Technically speaking, this Sawzall Convertible is really a Sawzall Roadster, but we'll stick with the traditional name for a de-roofed hooptie.

The mountain bike that came with it is long gone.

Hoping to lure outdoorsy, athletic types to the Jetta and Golf, Volkswagen partnered with the Trek bicycle company and sold Trek Edition cars with matching mountain bikes.

Dirty never looked so good.

Hey, it's better than "Wash Me".

20,000 pounds of cheese, all gone forever.

It was as if millions of cows mooed and were suddenly silenced.

A Ghia-edition early Fox Mustang with the rare I6 engine.

Ford took over Carrozzeria Ghia in 1970, and the Ghia name started appearing on Fords soon after that.

A mostly forgotten rear-wheel-drive Mitsubishi sport coupe.

The Plymouth Arrow was a worthy Toyota Celica competitor. Here's one in a Phoenix self-service junkyard.

This Ferris Beuller remake is looking weird.

The first of the BMW 3 Series cars, finally discarded.

A very rare junkyard sighting of an early BMW E21 3 Series, found in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service junkyard. It's used up, but rust-free... and getting crushed soon.

He took revenge on her beloved Chevy.

In Russia, grocery store names you!

What's up with the goat, kid?

Eight-year-olds, dude.

This sort of crime is common on this Arizona-to-California trucking route.

It's just like that one Seinfeld episode.

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