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Consumer Reports warns against buying these vehicles.

Consumer Reports recaps its lowest rated models for 2017, with products from Mitsubishi, Toyota, Dodge, Cadillac, and Land Rover.

They were doing 30 mph or more.

A rare and beautiful sight.

It's $17,250 on average, far more than competitors earn.

German competitors Mercedes and BMW clear around $5,000 per car.

Entrants must record a cover of a song from the album Heartworms.

Before it hauled the band, it used to haul cattle.

It rises 9 feet into the air.

And no, you can't buy one, but we know you want to.

One of the lesser-known recipients of GM's supercharged 3800 V6.

Here's a discarded Oldsmobile with a Roots-blown Buick V6, from the era of the marque's endgame.

Weed, beer, snowboarding, Hunter S. Thompson, and 72 horsepower.

When you know you're a beater Subaru's final owner, why not personalize it with stickers from your favorite weed outlets? This '84 Leone wagon has taken its last trip to the mountains.

Now you're cooking with science.

She used the glow of her insulin pump to find the trunk's inner handle.

Now the gunman's at large and she may have to leave town.

It was only 778 miles from a quarter-million when it came to this place.

Before Subaru obliterated the competition, the Corolla All-Trac was a big seller in the Mountain Time Zone.

An Iron Chef already has selected the menu.

A rolling, engaging dining experience.

The encounter did not end well for the snake.

Red rat snakes are nonvenomous.

We look back at Irish cars and the impact of the Irish auto industry in honor of St. Patrick's Day on March 17.

Vehicle manufacturers are working hard to reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates on cars.

Burn things down? These anarchists are patching things up.

So, this is a thing now.

First sign of trouble, 2 hours into journey: They spotted a huge crack.

Wanna go out fer a rip there bud?

Gotta whole lotta love for Goodyear's bigger, faster airship.

Top speed: 73 mph.

Something something Donner Pass something cannibalism something something...

He neglected both the "protect" and the "serve" part of his oath.

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