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A human driver ran a red light and hit Google's autonomous Lexus.

Google cites this accident as example of "why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."


They come with V8s and rear drive, so obviously they were made for the track, right?


The long arm of the law gets the shortest car on the road.


If you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks this is the video for you.


This story is more English than the Queen taking tea in the great cabin of HMS Victory.

Residents of a Southwest London neighborhood are up in arms after receiving a series of fines for parking on their own property in early September.


A Ukrainian ferry commuter misjudged his timing and, to his surprise, drove his car straight into the Black Sea earlier this month. According to The Mirror, the ferry, Protoporos IV, was putting in to the port of Kerch in Southern Ukraine earlier this month when one driver got an itchy foot. As the vessel approached the dock and lowered her ramp, a black Lada parked on the lower deck began to inch ahead of the rest of the cars parked there, apparently in an effort to beat the disembarking line.


Coffee company Komeda wants to incentivize Japanese drivers to put down the phone.

US insurance companies may want to adopt this idea.


It's more than meets the eye!

You know you want one.


To Ford from Mazda via Australia.

Our favorite was the Fox-bodied version.


Yes, 21st-century cars show up at self-service wrecking yards.

The first wave of Cobalts and G5s is beginning to wash over the nation's self-service wrecking yards. Here's a snazzy manual-transmission-equipped Colorado G5 that got totaled in a fender-bender.


The electricity storage system will help handle increased power demand after a leaking natural gas facility was shut down.


An English DeLorean enthusiast was clocked doing 89 mph by police earlier this month and went to court to fight the charges.


Seriously, this thing deserves a hug.

Can we take it home, pleeeeease?


When this baby hits 88 mph… you’re probably going to get ticketed.

What did you expect was going to happen?


Intense footage of what happens immediately after a car crash.


Freak out in a Moonage daydream.


All in a day's work for a heroic bus driver.


A video was released last week showing tractor trailers braving a flooded freeway in Louisiana to deliver their loads on time.


But it wasn't weird in the way you might think.

Is this the start of the autonomous age?


How about a hoverboard that follows you around and carries all your stuff?

These clever features probably won't be available anytime soon, but they're still cool and - even cooler - grounded in reality.

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