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A floor cleaner and spilled gas started the blaze at Buff Whelan Chevrolet.

It was the largest fire in the history of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

One of the final examples of the iconic 'Mail Jeep.'

Found in a Denver-area self-service wrecking yard, this '83 DJ-5 features GM Iron Duke power, sliding doors, and Chrysler automatic transmission.

Let's hope someone doesn't come along and fall into that big hole.

... if their parents are total nerds.

Perfect for chasing R2-D2 around the driveway.

Ford says one configuration will do 0-to-60 in under 4 seconds.

It can also do a 60 mph sprint in under 4 seconds.

The video is a fascinating look at what, sadly for Dagestan, is an annual event.

Simpson may beat the Bronco to market by year.

The Boring Company will build it underground, with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

NYC to D.C. in 29 minutes.

A J.D. Power report showed that car smells were the No. 1 concern for Chinese car buyers.

A J.D. Power report last year showed that unpleasant car smells were the top concern for Chinese drivers, ahead of engine issues, road noise, or fuel economy.

"Isn't this like what people do when trading cattle?"

Known as the Hilux outside of North America.

A used-up example of the small pickup that made all its competitors look shoddy, the third-generation Toyota Hilux, found in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service wrecking yard.

The California-built, GM-badged Toyota sleeper sedan.

GM's version of the Toyota Sprinter, now retired in Colorado after nearly 300,000 miles on the road.

About $1 million worth of weed was in the Fusions.

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