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Winter is coming, straight through your windshield.

A man and his wife got a nasty, wintry surprise this week when a chunk of snow fell from a semitrailer and shattered their car's windshield on a Canadian freeway.


That's according to a new set of 'Community Guidelines.'

Rules for life in the back seat.


Nothing is certain except for death and parking tickets.


Built when the Civic weighed under a ton. WAY under a ton.

A lightweight, fun-to-drive, gas-sipping subcompact that proved you didn't have to buy a grimly sensible Corolla.


Cue "Yakkety Sax"

Without fail, the first snow of the season takes drivers completely by surprise.


It's called LIT and it was made for a music video.


One of the last of the old-school rear-wheel-drive Volvo sedans.

For decades, Volvo made 100% Swedish rear-wheel-drive sedans. Here is one of the final ones, found in a Denver self-service wrecking yard in very nice condition.


A man in Portland plead not guilty this week to blocking traffic while impersonating a tree.


Women's rights continue to grow in Saudi Arabia.


This is patently cruel and unusual punishment.

And we thought Canadians were nice.


The design is finished, it just needs a bit more testing.

The flight is scheduled for the end of 2017.


The hacker, who wanted $73,000 in bitcoin, was hacked back.

A ransomware attack by a hacker left Muni keeping its turnstiles open for free rides on Saturday.


A solid example of the classic 1980s Saab, now discarded.

An evolution of the Saab 99, the 900 was very popular in places like California, New England, and Colorado (where this about-to-be-crushed example was found).


As Mario said, brakes aren't for slowing the car down.

If you're going karting, don't do what this driver did.


It's time to kick the tires and light the fires. Or, just light the tires on fire.


This rusty Colorado Super Beetle managed to cling to life until age 43.

Air-cooled Volkswagen Beetles once roamed every American road and clogged every American wrecking yard, but now sightings are rare. Here's an oxidized survivor that has been discarded in Colorado.


Looked fast, wasn't.

Sort of a very poor man's Evo VII, the OZ Rally Edition had a tough-looking body kit but not a lot of actual performance.

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