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Check out the radical concepts of what endurance racing might look like in the future.

These award-winning designers from around the world imagine what it will be like to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2030. See the radical concepts here.


Manual transmissions apparently are the best theft deterrent.

Stick with the stick.


I've heard of serpentine belts, but this is ridiculous


Dumb teenager does dumb teenage stuff.

A teenager in Singapore got off shockingly easy after he was caught on camera riding his bike across the hood of a Lamborghini last week.


The final model year for the "big" Cordoba.

Sales of Chrysler's personal luxury car fell quite a bit for the 1979 model year. Here's a heavily-optioned two-tone example in a California wrecking yard.


Stranger things have happened, right? Right?

And the award for Best Actor goes to... No. Probably not.


A domestic dispute spiraled out of control on Monday and ended up spilling out on to I-40 near Nashville.


We travel to rusty Minneapolis to find this rare Chryslerbishi.

When Chrysler wanted a not-quite-minivan to sell, Mitsubishi had just the right car. Here's a Dodgified Mitsubishi Chariot that I spotted in a Minneapolis self-service wrecking yard last summer.


Dog bites man isn't much of a headline. Dog bites car, though? That's got some legs.

A Turkish mechanic got a nasty surprise earlier this month when he discovered that wild dogs had vandalized his car.


Learn all the ways self-driving cars will turn our world into a utopia.


The only thing worse than being stuck in traffic is being taunted for being stuck in traffic. To drive home just how lousy it is to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, Uber has unleashed ad-carrying drones in Mexico City to let drivers know there's a better way to travel.


EV carsharing comes to Singapore; Tesla Model X reimagined as a Transformer.

Toyota explores EV city cars. Renault Zoe endures in e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. Tesla fan commissions Transformers comic book cover. Singapore to get 1,000-EV carsharing program.


Snapsheet aims to help insurance providers process claims more quickly, get their customers paid as soon as possible and back in safe, repaired vehicles.


A battered-but-not-so-rusty example of the downsized box Caprice.

Back in the late 1970s and 1980s, the full-sized Chevy sedan was about the most American car you could drive.


Warrants were issued Monday for a trio of Cleveland carjackers who, after beating up a limo driver and stealing his car, livestreamed themselves joyriding around the city in the stolen limo.


A Washington man chased down a truck stolen from his family's dealership last Saturday and livestreamed the event on Facebook.


This electric vehicle helps save more than the environment.

The Torq Defense Systems LTEV can be driven in a full bomb suit.


Learn what it's like to drive a Defender without having to maintain one.

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