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AddTesla-Based Rinspeed XchangE Concept Offers A Vision For The Future Of Autonomous Driving

It has become an annual tradition for Swiss automaker Rinspeed to release details of its latest inventive concept just ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. Not your customary custom shop, Rinspeed considers themselves an "automotive think tank and mobility lab." Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that this year's concept pairs two emerging automotive industry trends: electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology.

AddGoogle Ads May Offer Free Rides To The Store

Newly awarded patent could mean Google ads that provide transportation options to local businesses

Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising, often with the goal of getting consumers to their locations to purchase goods or services. While ads can certainly be an effective means of getting people out of their chairs and into their cars, wouldn't it just be easier if the business picked you up?

AddTRANSLOGIC 147: CES 2014 Autonomous Vehicles

We head back to CES in Las Vegas to check on the progress of autonomous vehicles in 2014. We go hands-free on the highway with Audi, narrowly avoid a collision with Ford and hear all about BMW's drifting driverless car. But first we take a ride on Induct's self-driving Navia shuttle.

AddAmazon Prime Air Drones Deliver A Vision For The Future Of Shipping

Amazon dominates the online retail space by offering a massive selection, competitive prices and fast, affordable shipping--not to mention personalized ads that seem to know what you want before you even realize it. But one thing Amazon can't compete with is the immediacy of a brick and mortar location. After all, what could be faster than hopping in your car and driving to the store?

4In Detail: LAPD BatCat

Bomb squads are commonly depicted as operating with surgical precision as they cautiously clip the correct-colored wire to disarm a threat. While this may sometimes be the case in reality, there are certain situations that call for a more direct approach.


Bradley takes a ride in the BatCat, a remote controlled telehandler robot used by the Los Angeles Police Department in emergency situations. Equipped with cameras and sensors for navigation via a remote operator, the LAPD's BatCat can lift vehicles and tear down walls with its massive telescopic claw.

AddFord Studying Space Robots To Improve Connected Car Communications

‚ÄčThe idea of vehicle-to-vehicle communication, commonly known as V2V, isn't a new concept. Ford has already demonstrated how V2V can be a powerful tool in collision avoidance, but the automaker seeks to advance the technology further through an interstellar collaboration.

AddVolvo Reveals Self-Parking Prototype That Can Avoid Moving Vehicles, Pedestrians

Autonomous automobiles are looking more like an inevitability, rather than a mere possibility. Benefits of self-driving cars include safe high-speed travel, optimized fuel economy, relaxed commuting, and self-parking features.

1Ford Replaces Humans With Robots For Taxing Test Drives

Autonomous car programs from the likes of Audi, Toyota and Google have been a popular topic lately. While the technology currently exists for self-driving cars, we are likely years away from seeing them publicly available, due to a complex combination of safety, legal and infrastructure concerns.

2Watch This Insect Drive A Robotic Car

Who would have ever guessed that an insect could drive a car? Well, sort of.

1Volkswagen Expands Research Partnership With Stanford

Volkswagen Group of America announced a $1.7 million investment in its automotive research partnership with Stanford University on Friday. The automaker said that the contribution will help to power next-generation research in the areas of virtual intelligence, material research, data security and vehicle dynamics.

2Tesla Discussing Autonomous Autopilot Feature With Google [VIDEO]

Tesla is considering adding an 'autopilot' feature to future vehicles and is apparently discussing the potential for such technologies with Google, according to a report by Bloomberg. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg in an email, "I think Tesla will most likely develop its own autopilot system for the car...However, it is also possible that we do something jointly with Google." Tesla is considering adding an 'autopilot' feature to future vehicles and is discussing the potential for such techn

AddAudi Pits Old Spock Against New Spock In Ad Featuring S7, Autonomous TT [VIDEO]

Here at TRANSLOGIC we don't normally post about ads, but the new Star Trek inspired campaign from Audi has everyone around here talking...and laughing. Titled "The Challenge", it features Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy (new and old Spock, respectively) battling to see who can get to the golf course first, with the loser buying lunch. Hilarity, and a number of Star Trek and other geeky jokes, ensue.

1Google's Autonomous Car Could Create Trillion-Dollar Economic Impact

According to Forbes, Google's development of a self-driving car could create trillions in economic impact. But, interestingly, not all will benefit.

AddIn Detail: CES 2013 Autonomous Cars

Automakers continued the trend of increasing their presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013. Most big car companies were represented--even Subaru showed off an upgraded headunit--while some beefed up their exhibit booths significantly.

11TEDxStanford Imagines Robotic Race Cars That Think Like Human Drivers [VIDEO]

From driverless drifting to computerized operation at 150 mph, it appears that--provided the proper algorithm--autonomous cars can do it all. But how well do they compare to the best drivers among their human counterparts?

1VW's Crowdsourced Hovercraft Concept Imagines The Future Of Transport Tech [VIDEO]

We've shown you autonomous cars, like the self-driving system Cadillac says could be on the road in a few years. We've also brought you flying cars, like the Terrafugia Transition. Now Volkswagen looks to combine the two with a hovercraft concept, featuring an auto-drive mode.

1In Detail: MABEL Walking Robot

This robot doesn't just walk, it breaks records. On this week's episode of TRANSLOGIC we brought you a glimpse of some current research being done in robotics. MABEL is a bipedal walking/running robot developed at the University of Michigan. Its technology is nothing short of state of the art.

1Self-Driving Car Technology Is Ready, But Are We? [VIDEO]

Cars without drivers, like the one Google recently used to put a man who is 95 percent blind behind the wheel, are getting closer to reality. But before a fully autonomous car pulls up at your doorstep, the semi-autonomous vehicle will likely take over driving from time to time first.

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