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    Survivor secures new sponsor after GM break-up. Is it another automaker?

    Nearly as fast as bidders came out of the woodwork for Aston Martin's possible sale, CBS secured new sponsorship for its hit reality-show "Survivor" after General Motors canceled its advertising. States Chris Ender of CBS, "The upcoming edition of `Survivor' has a full roster of advertisers across ...

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    Forbes Top Four best vehicles for college students

    Talk about tough standards. When Forbes compiled vehicles for its annual "Best Cars for College Students" list, they found only four vehicles qualified to meet its criteria of being affordable, safe, and reliable. Interestingly, the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry, which they deemed the ...

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    Subaru to pull a Jackson and undergo another nose job

    Subaru's "propeller grill" has been received by both the media and the public with, to put it lightly, mixed feelings. Well, the automaker's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, has decided to put the kibosh on it and ordered a redesign. According to spokesman David Rowley of Subaru, the grill ...

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    Deju vu: consumers buying low-priced, quality, Korean cars in Japan

    Korean automakers like Hyundai continue to make inroads in Japan against domestic manufactures like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. Hyundai Motor Japan, which has been doing business in Tokyo since 2001, sells six models with its high-end Grandeur (Azera) costing a little over $29,000. However, states a ...

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    Toyota's Crowns take a beating in China

    Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., a joint venture between Toyota Motor Co. and the Chinese FAW Group, issued a recall on all Toyota Crown sedans built between February 21st through September 20th last year. The problem is a weak adhesive used to hold the rubber strips that seal the windshield. ...

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    Warren Buffet auctions Town car for charity

    Billionaire Warren Buffet will be auctioning his 2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series next month on eBay (a standard Town Car is pictured). The light-gold, full-sized sedan with a light-beige interior also comes with Buffet's custom "THRIFTY" license plate and an etched brass plaque with his ...

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    Kia study shows keeping quiet good for travel

    Well, here's an issue where people may want to seriously keep their mouth shut. According to a study by Kia Motor UK, 53 percent of drivers think they're the better half-in driving, that is, compared to their significant other (SO). Worse, nearly 20 percent would consider dumping or serving divorce ...

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    Top ten most fuel-efficient large vehicles

    You want a fuel-efficient vehicle, but due to family obligations, job needs or simply outward appearances, you've disregarded a hybrid, compact or mid-sized sedan. So what's left? Business Week has scoured a variety of large vehicles, looking for the best in terms of fuel-efficiency and ...

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    VW recalls Brazilian cars

    Volkswagen AG has issued a second recall in Brazil. According to the German automaker's Brazilian branch, it has discovered cracks in the fuel injector system which would need to be replaced. Affected vehicles include the CrossFox (pictured), Fox, Golf, Kombi, Polo, and SpaceFox. In total, over ...

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    Spying on upcoming VW Tiguan

    The Detroit News obtained another shot of the upcoming Volkswagen mid-sized crossover, the Tiguan. Based on the Concept A, the vehicle's unique name is based on the words "tiger" and "leguan", the latter German for iguana. The Tiguan concept will debut at the second Los Angeles autoshow later this ...

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    Driving safely when school is back in session

    The Motoring News section of the U.K. publication, easier, has some tips for drivers during the upcoming "school run," when hundreds, if not thousands, of children return to the hallowed halls of education this fall. Traffic is reported to increase by as much as 20 percent during the before and ...

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    Ford's Targeted advertisement

    If your boyfriend recently bought you an F-150, Fusion, or Mustang and you want to show your thanks to said boyfriend, head on down to the nearest Target. The retailer is selling T-shirts that proclaim in faded lettering: "My boyfriend bought me a Ford."Personally, we find the words too generic. ...

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    MXT-MVA: HUMMER evolution squared?

    Could this be a future HUMMER? That's what a friend of Mobile Magazine's Dave White is hoping. The International MXT-MVA (Military Vehicle - Armored) is a variant of the MXT 4X4 pickup. While heavily armored, the all-terrain vehicle is more than powerful enough to quickly move five "sumo-sized" ...

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    S-Class receives a variety of obscure awards

    The Borneo Bulletin reports that the German marque's new S-Class has received several awards of excellence. The honors include: Newspaper Bild am Sonntag awarded the luxury sedan its "Golden Steering Wheel." Top Gear awarded it the "Limousine of the Year" due to the S-Class relaxing ...

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    Intelligent Speed Adaptation slams the brakes on speeding

    The Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) system uses a GPS and mapping system to determine where a vehicle is located and at what speed it's travelling. ISA, which was developed by the Motor Industry Research Association and backed with funds from the U.K. Department for Transport (DfT), was ...

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    GM to slow large SUV production

    General Motors Co. seems to be reacting to news that sales of large SUVs, such as the Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon, are plummeting. GM CEO Rick Wagoner stated in an interview that the automaker will begin to slow production of its full-size SUVs for the rest of the year. While he would not ...

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    Mobile phone to provides real-time traffic reports

    The ability to foresee the state of freeway traffic in real-time (as opposed to snapshots of traffic conditions) seems to be the up-and-coming technology for high end iron. Both Acura and, recently, Cadillac have bundled such systems with their navigation packages, which gather their data via ...

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    Ferrari drivers cited for yielding to speed temptation

    If you owned a Ferrari, wouldn't you be tempted to push the boundaries of legality, especially while playing with like-minded peers? Well, several Ferrari owners learned that yielding to temptation does not exempt them from the law. According to sibling blog Luxist, several participants of the ...

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    No night driving equals pounds in the wallet

    Well, here's either a novel idea that may save money or put a crimp on one's social life. British insurance More Th>n (yes, that's spelled correctly) is now offering an insurance policy called 'Time Drive'. Aimed at younger drivers, Time Drive provides less expensive coverage for those willing ...

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    Shoppers' 20 Most Popular New Vehicles
    1155333720, an automotive shopping site, released its 20 most popular vehicle searches by consumers. Ranking was determined by a variety of criteria, including the examination of vehicle specs, the number of page views and even if the consumer indicated that he or she was ready to purchase ...

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