Matching the right algae to right factory exhaust

AlgaTech Technologies, with partner GreenFuel Technologies Corp., are looking at algae as another producer of biofuel. While the idea is not new, the two companies are also focusing on one of algae's growth factors: carbon dioxide.
Algae, as simple plants, needs sunlight, nutrients, and CO2 to survive and prosper. GreenFuel is looking at CO2 emissions from different types of factories to see which are absorbed by what algae. The idea is to use these algae to eventually create biodiesel or even ethanol. AlgaTech is in charge of finding the right algae since factories can be found in different environments and influence which one will grow the best. Theoretically, such "fine-tuned algae" could solve two issues at once: absorb harmful CO2 emissions while providing an alternative fuel to oil.

[Source: United Press International]

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