Subaru to pull a Jackson and undergo another nose job

Subaru's "propeller grill" has been received by both the media and the public with, to put it lightly, mixed feelings. Well, the automaker's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, has decided to put the kibosh on it and ordered a redesign.

According to spokesman David Rowley of Subaru, the grill will not be applied to the upcoming Liberty and Outback, which will debut in Australia in September. The upcoming Impreza, due out in 2007, will also be sporting a new proboscis. States Rowley, "It's fair to say the design will not appear on future Subarus. We had always said the aerospace theme could be applied in a variety of ways, like the way it's been presented on the Impreza and Tribeca."

Rowley would not state what the new design will be for future Subies. However, it will be based on work from (now ex-) Subaru chief designer Andreas Zapatinas. Zapatinas, as you may remember, had previously designed cars for both Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

[Source: CARSguide]

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