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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.26.15

    Cheap used luxury cars prove a popular topic in the recap of auto news on March 26, as does our BMW 740Ld review and news of a RAV4 Hybrid from Toyota.

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    Alcoa awarded $259 million in DOE's first revived ATVMP loan program
    It's Baaaaaaack 1427399820

    The DOE has revived the ATVMP loan program and will hand out the first $259 million loan agreement to Alcoa to make aluminum for lighter, cleaner cars.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.25.15

    News of Jeremy Clarkson's firing from the BBC dominates auto news on Wednesday, March 25. We also test the VW Golf SportWagen and look forward to the Ford Focus RS.

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    Video: Cardboard 'Most Interesting Man' fails as carpool-lane ruse

    A Washington State Patrol trooper says it's by far the best carpool scam he's seen, but it didn't work.

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    Report: Critics: Uber, Lyft not paying sales tax in Rhode Island

    In Rhode Island, critics of the ridesharing services Uber and Lyft say the companies are not paying state sales tax like they're supposed to.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.24.15

    Translogic drives a foam car, AutoblogGreen sleeps in a Tesla and the Jaguar XF prepares for the New York Auto Show. Plus: other news and notes from the car world.

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    ETC: School bus rams through front of suburban Philadelphia home

    A school bus has slammed through the front of a home in suburban Philadelphia, with the back end of the vehicle sticking out of the living room area.

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    Translogic: Translogic 173: Spira Foam Car
    This Unique Three-Wheeled EV Can Be Parked Vertically And Float On Water 1427212800

    Name a car that can drive into a body of water (or human body) without causing much harm? No, this isn't an automotive riddle. It's the vision of Doug Ballard and his Spira foam car.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.23.15

    We look inside the Ford GT, drive the 2015 Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupe and consider whether Texas should be forced to allow drivers to put Confederate flags on their license plates.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.20.15

    The top stories in the world of automotive news for Thursday, March 20, 2015. Cadillac talks about its upcoming flagship and its new V6 engines, we discuss what Autoblog has been driving, and a close-up look at the new concepts from Jeep.

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    The List: The List: Best of Winter Driving
    From the Peak of Mt Washtington to the Outer Ring of the Arctic Circle, These Are Our Favorite Snow-Covered Moments of The List 1426887900

    Take a look back at some of the most wondrous winter driving moments in the history of The List. Watch Jessi and Patrick as they brave the cold to conquer various icy challenges, including climbing Mount Washington, driving a Pro-2 truck, and venturing to the arctic circle.

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    China boosts fleet of electric, hybrid vehicles

    China will increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles by over 300,000 in the coming years.

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    There are more Uber cars than yellow cabs in NYC now
    But More People Ride In Cabs. A Lot More 1426852620

    Guess what, there are now 14,088 registered Uber cars and 13,587 yellow cabs in New York City.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.19.15

    We drive the Lucra LC470; Jeep reveals seven new concepts for the Moab Easter Safari; we detail the top 10 compact cars with the longest driving range. Those are Autoblog's top stories for Thursday, March 19, 2015.

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    Chris Christie signs law to allow Tesla direct sales in NJ
    Electric Vehicles Could Now Be Sold At Three In-State Locations 1426795320

    Tesla electric vehicle sales will now be legal in New Jersey, thanks to a measure signed into law Wednesday by governor Chris Christie. Christie had 45 days to act on the bill but chose to sign it in just two.

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    Featured: Livestream: Ricardo Innovation & Sustainability Symposium 2015
    Autoblog Editor-in-Chief Sharon Carty Panels Discussion On The Future Of The Automotive Industry 1426768200

    How easy is it to plan for the future when you've got billions of dollars at stake and no crystal ball? A group of automotive industry leaders get together to talk it out.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.18.15

    The new 2015 Porsche Panamera S, the future of the Honda CR-Z and two new models from Scion all made auto news headlines on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

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    German court bans Uber's ridesharing service, again
    After A Temporary Stop Last Fall, Things Don't Go UberPop's Way One More Time 1426708980

    A German court banned Uber and UberPop from offering ridesharing services anywhere in the country, adding to the company's troubles in Europe.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 3.17.15

    The Ferrari 400 Superamerica nets big bucks at auction. There's a new episode of Car Club USA. And we make a long list of trademarks that we hope are future cars. All that plus other news and notes from the car world.

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    Official: Uber CFO Brent Callinicos leaving company
    His Tenure Lasted Under 20 Months 1426628700

    CFO Brent Callinicos is going to leave the ridesharing company Uber to spend more time with his family. He started at Uber in September 2013.


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