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We brought you all the action from the Super Bowl commercials as they happened.


Kia quite literally had no other option than to secure Christopher Walken to star in this commercial. It's entitled Walken Closet, and the misspelling is clearly intentional.


Jeep's been helping people do stuff for 75 years. This ad's a reminder of all the cool stuff you think you can do if you own a Jeep. It's called 4x4ever.


Sheep rocking out the Queen with the Honda Ridgeline's optional cargo bed speakers. We had a dream just like this once.


Jeep looks back on 75 years of four-wheeling. The brand's tough vehicles have carried everything from soldiers to sunbathers.


Toyota knows how to make some lighthearted fun of itself in this ad that tries to change your preconceptions of the Prius.


Ryanville is a commercial about a town full of Ryan Reynolds clones, and two smitten women driving around in a brand new Elantra who can't help but gawk at the actor because he's everywhere.


Ooh yeah! Whoah! Acura expresses its feelings about the new NSX to the dulcet tones of Diamond David Lee Roth.


An Opel in Buick drag crashes a wedding. No one's quite sure who made the Cascada, but Emily Ratajkowski definitely got the bouquet.


This Hyundai Super Bowl ad features the Blue Link app, which lets you remote start your car and outrun bears. Maybe.


Audi plays to American patriotism and throws in some David Bowie for extra sentiment in presenting the R8 to the Big Game audience.


Hyundai wants to remind you that Kevin Hart is a helicopter parent – literally.


Weekly Recap For 2.5.16

Senior Editor Greg Migliore recaps the week in automotive news on this edition of Autoblog Minute.


Waxing your car is vital to the protection of paint, but how do we do it properly to get the best bang for our time? Here are a few things you need to know before waxing your car.


We Hit The Track In Shelby Cobra, Daytona, And GT40 Continuation Cars

To celebrate Ford's return to endurance racing, we drive continuation cars of the Shelby Cobra MKIII, Daytona Coupe, and the GT40 MKII from Superformance.


A citizen pulls over an officer for speeding. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.


Cell phone footage catches a glimpse of fierce winds tossing a car around a highway. Mylencia Gillenwaters reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.


We Want Your Stories On Our Site

Ever wanted to write for Autoblog? Now's your chance, because we're looking for talented people to be a part of our Open Road contributor network.


When Winter comes, so do the salt trucks. On this episode we demonstrate a very quick and easy way to remove salt crust from carpet and soften the car mat.


Special Legislative Session For Faraday Costlier Than Tesla's

A special legislative session to lure electric carmaker Faraday Future to Nevada cost about twice as much as one to attract Tesla's battery factory.

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