Visiting the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles | AutoblogVR

There's a lot of cool stuff to take in at Porsche's new Los Angeles Experience Center, including a workshop filled with classics and race cars, lots of new Porsches, and even a gift shop. But we came here to drive, and that's just what we do in this AutoblogVR video.

The new Experience Center, like the one at the company's American HQ in Atlanta, has a full set of track elements to help drivers (and potential buyers) hone their skills and see what Porsches can do. You can buy a package to drive just about any new Porsche, and the coaches will tailor your experience to your liking, from low-friction exercises on a special skidpad and a device called a kickplate, to a handling course that simulates the best country roads in the world, and even an off-road course for the SUVs.

A 1:1 recreation of the Nürburgring Nordschleife's Karrussell corner is easily our favorite of the many track elements. It sits at the end of an acceleration straight designed to demonstrate and experience launch control – and to make all of the people stuck in traffic on the adjacent 405 hate their commutes that much more.

So come along for a quick tour of the place, and be sure to watch a couple times so you can see the newest Porsche Experience Center from every angle.

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