The Porsche 928 was perhaps the consummate European GT of its day. With a powerful front-mounted V8 engine that grew in displacement as the model years went on, it was capable of eating up the miles at triple-digit speeds in great comfort for occupants. It was also an unusual beauty, with its sharp front and curved rear featuring innovative integrated bumpers.

Currently for auction on eBay Motors is one of the rarest 928s you're likely to find, in a handsome combination of Guards Red paint and tan leather interior, though we wouldn't mind a less-showy finish to the factory wheels. According to the seller, this car is one of eight 928 convertibles by Carelli Design, a firm that's still in business.

1981 Porsche 928 convertibleThe auction claims that these cars were made in 1981 as a feasibility study between Carelli and Porsche for a possible production 928 convertible. The seller says he worked at the dealership where the car is said to have been originally sold $103,000. To remove the roof and hide the convertible top, there were significant changes made to the body and interior, including redesigned doors and a completely new trunk. As you can see in the gallery, when down, the top is completely hidden in a very factory-like fashion. When up, it looks slightly awkward, though (and we'd really like to see a rear three-quarter view to check out the blind spots).

The car is mechanically stock, with a 4.5-liter V8 and an automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. Over the years, an aftermarket muffler, exhaust tip and switch to control the antenna have been installed. The seller claims there are just 6,333 miles on this rare Porsche convertible.

As of this writing, the auction sits at $25,100 with 2 bids and the reserve not met. The seller touts that the car comes with a certificate of authenticity from Porsche and a Motor Trend article about the Carelli-prepared 928s.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Months Ago
      $103,000 in 1981? Wow, that was a serious price then.
      • 7 Months Ago
      I worked across the street from Apple in 1981 and quite a few coupes were in the main lot. OMG what a beautiful car. Sex on wheels. Orgasmic in any view. So very, very expensive. Prohibitive in every way. Some Porsches were not meant to be convertibles though. This is one of them. At 61 I would still sell my soul for one. Oh, wait, already did that. Never mind.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Probably of interest to a collector but the back side view is not flattering.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Not a terrible effort but there are much better looking examples of 928 cabs out there. Since they were all aftermarket hack ups and most were one-offs there's a pretty big variety of looks, some are absolutely hideous, others quite fetching. Unfortunately all of them twist, squeak and rattle in the corners as the car was not designed to be chopped like that. The coupes are extremely rigid for their day. Love 928's...
      • 7 Months Ago
      Had I been told, without seeing it, never in a million years would have thought it was a good idea... But I've got to admit, it kind of works.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Ugly in its day, still ugly today.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Not bad. It has a bit of a Miata look to it with that top. But this car still has one of the best-looking stock intake plenums ever.
      • 7 Months Ago
      Ahh... What a beautiful lemon.
      • 7 Months Ago
      I can see why it didn't reach production.
      • 7 Months Ago
      One of my favorite cars when I was a kid. I think it is still the 2nd best looking Porsche (nothing beats the 911). I do not care for them taking off the roof at all though. The back end was what made the car really unique and that is now gone.