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In December 2013, Buffalo, NY news station WVIB posted a gallery of 69 images of cars that had crashed into storefronts and homes entitled "Rash of vehicles crashing into buildings." In November 2012 the town of Amherst, NY - part of the Buffalo metro area - began looking at municipal regulations to place bollards in front of buildings to protect them from runaway cars. The Deputy Supervisor of the city said that at one time the area was averaging an astounding 13-17 cars-into-buildings crashes per month. In October 2011 there were several news reports questioning why there were so many such crashes in the area, an especially heavy bout of such incidents leading to a Google map marking their spots.

That 2011 map is positively sparse compared to the latest updated map that plots the more than 70 incidents since 2006 of cars, buses and trucks colliding with buildings. There is no predominant cause for the troubles, with drivers being young and old, healthy and ill, commercial and regular, sober and drunk and accidents taking place day and night - although one psychologist did suggest copy-cat motives had something to do with it. If anything good can be taken from it, it's that deaths have been few in comparison to the number of accidents.

If you're headed to Buffalo, or you live there and want to know where might be the hotspots to avoid, check out the latest cartography of carnage. Each incident links to the news report detailing how it got there.

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      • 1 Year Ago
      Is there any correlation between crashes and Buffalo Bills/Sabres losses? I'll be honest, after a heart breaking loss, the kind of losses Buffalo sports fans know all too well (4 straight Super Bowl losses), I've felt like driving my car into a ditch...or maybe a building
      Bruce Lee
      • 1 Year Ago
      As someone who used to live in Buffalo the number of drunk idiots on the roads at night was astounding. One time I was at a drive thrus and the car two cars in front of me just stopped and wouldn't move because the idiot behind the wheel had passed out drunk, when we got out to check on them to see if they were alive they woke up and sped off before we could call the cops. The worst part is that I've been to parties there and people just thought it was ******* normal to go drive when they obviously shouldn't. Combine that with snow and slush everywhere and you have the above insanity, I remember when there was a car stuck in the fountain at gates circle, don't know if that counts as a building lol
      • 1 Year Ago
      I live in Buffalo, and since a very sad fatal incident, which occurred in the suburb of Amherst mentioned in the article, it seems like there is a report once a week of a car barreling into a building to the extent of "oh there's another one." It's absolutely unreal. And it seldom is related to the weather that has somehow gained national notoriety. This phenomena will probably supercede the weather reputation of the City.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Having grown up in Buffalo and living all over the US afterwards, based on my completely unscientific observations, I'm not surprised by this data at all. I've never seen so many oblivious, slow-moving, uncourteous, non-attentive drivers in my life. Everything from cruising down the wrong side of Transit Rd. for blocks (I wish I was making that up), driving through stop-signs and hitting pedestrians, going the wrong way on highway on/off ramps, and parking lot collisions, I've seen them all and seen them too many times. I don't know what is, to be honest.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I guess when you have to live in that horrible city it zaps out any sense of worth and all you feel like is crashing into something
        • 1 Year Ago
        A pretty simple, dismissive and cynical comment. How much time have you spent in Buffalo, if any? Because Buffalo has immediate access to the world's largest fresh water supply, I am confident that the area would be glad to share some with you, maybe for a price, but knowing people from Buffalo, they would give it to you gratis if you needed it. Lots of focus on oil, but when you get down to the most fundamental necessity to sustain life, it is fresh water. 60% or so of the body is water. Let someone who knows the area take you around. You might be surprised.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Like cgm 9999, I grew up in Buffalo too, moved away later but still spent time there for many years after, I can't explain this rash of accidents in Buffalo, but have to ask if this is really abnormal, or just typical of any metropolitan area. And, how is it Buffalo got singled out for this little analysis in the first place? As for my experience, other than Buffalo, I've lived and driven in Chicago, Washington, DC, Lexington, KY, Johannesburg, South Africa, Harrisburg, PA, and Brunswick, GA. Personally, I'd put Buffalo drivers up against the drivers in any of these cities, anytime.....but especially winter. Don't quite know why stevenh thinks Buffalo is such a horrible city, but I think Buffalo has more education, art, music and culture than all on my list except Chicago and DC, but I think given their size and influence, that's not surprising either.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Sounds like a great place to test a driver's license retesting facility.....or a suicide prevention facility. This cannot continue.
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