Tesla Model S Coupe
  • Tesla Model S Coupe
  • Tesla Model S Coupe
  • Image Credit: Theophilus Chin
  • Tesla Model S Coupe
  • Tesla Model S Coupe
  • Image Credit: Theophilus Chin
Our friend Theophilus Chin has a thing for creating Tesla vehicles that we can't have. Earlier this year, he made a digital Model ST wagon appear and he's now back with a sleek Tesla Model S Coupe. The rendered results, which you can see in the gallery, are an elegant, smaller take on the nearly universally praised Model S design from Franz von Holzhausen. Chin writes, "There's a huge market for an electric 2+2 GT. And I feel Tesla has the right product for that niche."

As he did with the ST, the front end is left intact, with all of the changes happening in the rear. At its core, this is just a Model S with the second set of doors removed and Chin has so smoothly meshed the lines so that you almost don't notice anything's missing at first glance. We can only speculate what the smaller size would mean for reduced battery pack capacity, and if the new style would make up for the expected range loss. Which leads us to this important question: does the Model S coupe still have a frunk? Also, does the car appeal to you?

A Tesla Model S Coupe would be
Instabuy 1 (33.3%)
Pass 1 (33.3%)
Second-place to the Model S Wagon 1 (33.3%)

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