VIDEO: Franz von Holzhausen talks about the 2011 Tesla Model S

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The crew from On Cars had a chance to spend some quality time with the Tesla Model S and some of the key people bringing this sweet sedan to fruition. In the first of three videos (the other two haven't been released yet), not only are we treated to some gorgeous shots of the Model S, inside and out, but also have the chance to listen to designer Franz von Holzhausen talk at length about the object of our fastback desire. If you've been paying attention to every detail released about the all-electric so far, there might not be a lot of new material for you here, though interestingly, the Model S does get the year 2011 attached to it. That seems a little soon seeing as a factory hasn't been built or acquired yet, but we digress.

Even if you do happen to know every bit of Model S minutiae, it is nice to hear the passion and excitement Franz has for the project as he talks with ardor about proportion and aerodynamics. You can see why Tesla chief, Elon Musk hired him on in the first place. But enough jabbering, hit the jump and check it out for yourself.

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