Looks like we got the name wrong, or at least the English version. Instead of Qin, as we noted yesterday, the new plug-in vehicle that BYD is going to unveil at the Beijing Motor Show next week will be called Chin. That's it in the picture above.

BYD says the Chin will "Lead the EV way" with the new Dual Mode II system that beats the old F3DM "in efficiency, power and energy-saving." BYD says that the the Chin gets roughly 120 MPGe (specifically, BYD says it takes two liters to go 100 kilometers, or .53 gallons per 62 miles). The press release also says that the Chin "requires just 16RMB of energy per 100km," which is a slightly confusing (because RMB is the abbreviation for China's currency) to say that it costs around $2.50 U.S to go 62 miles. To go with the electric car, BYD is also going to unveil its "Bi-directional Inverter Charging and Discharging Technology" that will allow energy from the battery pack to be used for offboard power.

BYD will also display the second-generation F3, called the F3 Plus. This car doesn't have an alternative powertrain, but it does have "world-leading Remote Control Driving technology," which turns the car into a life-size RC vehicle. To wit:

With the key in his or her hands, the driver can make the car start, move forward and back, turn left and right, and travel at a restricted speed all by itself, without the driver even being in the vehicle. It is a perfect solution when the parking space is not wide enough for the driver to exit the car once parked. In windy and rainy weather, drivers can even remotely move the car to his or her side without getting wet.

This certainly something worth investigating, if only to understand the limits of what it can do. Mostly, we're interested in seeing if we can get the F3 to rush to our side like the Batmobile.
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BYD's two new models and three world-class technologies to premiere at 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

At the upcoming 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition from April 23th to May 2nd, BYD will unveil its products in Hall W2 with the theme of Technology, Quality, Responsibility. Aside from traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles, electronic intelligence technology and powertrain technology, BYD is going to showcase the F3 Plus (the second-generation F3) and Chin models for the first time in a world exclusive at the auto show. In addition, three world-class technologies including Remote Control Driving technology, Dual Mode II system, and the Bi-directional Inverter Charging and Discharging technology will also be showcased.
BYD will have its press conference from 11:30 - 12:00 am on April 23 at the BYD booth.

Chin – Lead the EV Way
The Chin adopts BYD's new Dual Mode II system, with improvements on the current dual mode electric model F3DM in efficiency, power and energy-saving. With a high voltage, high-speed motor and high-density batteries, the Chin requires just 16RMB of energy per 100km, which equates to 2 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

F3 Plus – Enjoy Remote Control Pleasure
Based on the current F3 model, the best-selling sedan in China for years since its launch in 2005, the second-generation BYD F3 is officially named the F3 Plus for the overseas market. The F3 Plus a classic model from BYD – with significant improvement in the exterior, equipment and interior workmanship. While many high-end configurations are available, the highlight of the F3 Plus is the world-leading Remote Control Driving technology, which makes the F3 Plus the first mass-produced model in the world to feature this cutting-edge technology. The Remote Control Driving technology allows many vehicle functions of the F3 Plus to be performed remotely only by a key. With the key in his or her hands, the driver can make the car start, move forward and back, turn left and right, and travel at a restricted speed all by itself, without the driver even being in the vehicle. It is a perfect solution when the parking space is not wide enough for the driver to exit the car once parked. In windy and rainy weather, drivers can even remotely move the car to his or her side without getting wet.

Bi-directional Inverter Charging and Discharging Technology
The Bi-directional Inverter Charging and Discharging Technology will be a world-class and subversive technology. It allows the electric vehicles independent of specialist charging stations, meanwhile turns the vehicles into mobile power storage stations, which will be very conductive to the electric vehicle promotion.

About BYD
BYD Co., Ltd, the Exclusive Transportation Service Supplier of the Universiade Shenzhen 2011, is a leading-edge provider of green energy technologies that specializes in the IT, automotive, and new energy industries. Being the world's biggest rechargeable battery manufacturer, BYD branched out into the auto business in 2003, and has kept a robust yearly growth rate successively. In 2008, Warren Buffett invested $232 million to take a 9.89% stake in BYD. Today, BYD is the fastest-growing Chinese auto company and a global pioneer in the field of new energy vehicles including Dual Mode Electric Models and Pure Electric Models. In 2010, BYD and Daimler AG set up a 50-50, 600 million Yuan ($88 million) electric car joint venture in China. BYD has also focused on the Research & Development and manufacturing of a wide range of new energy products, including energy storage system, solar energy products and LED lighting.

For more information, please visit www.byd-auto.net , www.byd.com.cn , www.facebook.com/bydauto or email bydpr@byd.com

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      I can see it now. My remote control faulted and that's why I killed that group of kindergarteners in the school parking lot. This idea sucks in sooooo many ways.
        • 2 Years Ago
        Dunno whether the Chinese one will manage it, as they have quite a few QC problems on their cars, but the Audi has proximity sensors and is far less likely to hit someone than a human driver is, I would have thought.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Qin is pronounced "chin". So I can understand that.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Once Walmart get their hand on Chin's it will be final curtains for the worlds auto making industry outside of China. Disaffected wifes will use the remote, to drive their unfaithful husbands over with or lock them in drive them down the levy in. No good for me l can never find the remote for the TV, can't see to many uses other than accidentally run the mother-in-law over with it.
      • 2 Years Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      They FINALLY hired designers? The first car they make that doesn't look pukable.
        • 2 Years Ago
        Probably they hired EUROPEAN designers :)
          • 2 Years Ago
          I'd add that I REALLY like the fact they're finally innovating too. Nobody else did a remote control feature on a real production car!
          • 2 Years Ago
          LOL Looking at the dull boring bland anodyne shape it's definitely designed by a European, you can see why our European economy is in the deep brown mess Anne. Nobody would want one, even if it was offered for free.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Behold, the new Chin! In the grand tradition of many Japanese (and other) auto companies, it uses the same chassis and hard points as the old car, but look how spiffy the grille and lights are! I get that the new gubbins underneath are the important bits, but the Xerox Corolla chassis they're using is no longer competitive with other market offerings. If you're going to call your car "new," make sure it's actually new.
      Jim McL
      • 2 Years Ago
      I have seen the remote controlled low speed vehicle operation on a heavy duty straight truck with Poclain hydraulic hub drive. It is one thing to do that kind of sophisticated wireless control on a truck that starts near $100,000 (without the body), it is quite another thing on a passenger car.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Here is an Audi parking itself in a garage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SgaqQEx4D0 Judging by the seniors parking at the supermarket and driving out in reverse without looking, the car on it's own will be way safer!
        • 2 Years Ago
        I have more faith in computer AI controlled parking than I do in remote controlled parking in spaces not wide enough to allow the door to open...
          • 2 Years Ago
          If they can do it at all, with sensors and so on being the really difficult bit, close calculation is kinda what computers are good at. They should be able to get into spaces which would bring tears of frustration to the eyes of the most expert drivers. The idea is that at a chopping centre you tell your car to go park, and all these automated cars do so packed much more efficiently, then come out for loading and passenger pick up when whistled.
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