2012 Toyota Camry

Automotive News is reporting that Nissan recently scored a hit against Toyota – at least in terms of social media marketing for the new 2012 Camry. When Nissan received word that Toyota was planning to pull back the sheet on the Camry last week, it reportedly set about snatching up promoted tweets featuring the words "Camry," "Toyota Camry," and "mid-sized car." A promoted tweet directs those searching for the terms toward a specific tweet instead of all tweets featuring the term for a 24-hour period. In this case, those looking for information on the Camry were pointed toward product news from Nissan.

At this point, it's unclear whether Nissan intentionally set out to scuttle Toyota's Twitter effort or if the two companies were merely giving each other some good-natured harassment. Either way, we can imagine Toyota will be a little more careful about protecting its search terms in the near future.