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2011 Mitsubishi ASX/RVR/Outlander Sport

While we have known for some time that Mitsubishi will introduce a new compact crossover dubbed RVR in Japan and ASX in Europe, what we didn't know was what designation the car would carry when it hit North American showrooms. We do now. A source at Mitsubishi tells Autoblog that the inexpensive four-cylinder crossover will be called Outlander Sport, a nod to Mitsu's larger and more-established three-row Outlander CUV.

Astute carspotters will note that this isn't the first time that the Japanese automaker has used the 'Sport' moniker in this capacity, attached to the name of another more expensive and well-known model in its lineup. Back at the beginning of this decade, Mitsu marketed its Montero Sport (a vehicle that was eventually supplanted by the slow-selling Endeavor), a body-on-frame SUV that rode the coattails of the more established and luxurious Montero.

When the five-passenger Outlander Sport arrives in North America this fall, it will carry a Lancer-derived 2.0-liter gasoline four-cylinder backed by a CVT gearbox, and it will arrive with electronically controlled all-wheel drive. Other drivetrains remain a possibility, but the focus of the 2.0-liter setup will be fuel economy, with Mitsu engineers targeting a highway figure of 30 miles-per-gallon or better (the larger Outlander achieves a maximum of 25 mpg). A front-drive, six-speed manual model will be available in other markets, but its fate remains undecided for North America.

Pricing will be announced closer to launch, but we expect it to undercut the front-drive Outlander's MSRP of $21,605 (including destination) as it takes on vehicles like Nissan's Rogue and Hyundai Tucson. The new model will be revealed at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

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      • 5 Years Ago
      I like the idea and the way this thing looks. That said, they need to bring the Colt soon too.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Tourian's thinly veiled racist/class baited comments really get on my last nerve with this country. Tourian won't point out with his comments that wages have been largely stagnant in for over 30 years and been in steady decline since Dubya was in office.

      Extending credit to people that "don't deserve" it did not torpedo Mitsubishi's reputation, it was coming out with funky styled cars/trucks, using cookie-cutter badge engineering and questionable drivetrain longevity, not Black/Brown/Poor Whites with bad credit compounded by a completely unregulated, corrupt and out of control consumer financial services market.

      Such unfounded nonsense needs to be stopped, I will not allow you to pull what Erin Burnett did on CNBC back when the news of the Bailout hit.

      IE: Blaming the victim, not the people that irresponsibly sell these "innovative" products.

      • 5 Years Ago
      Does it come with real tires or just these plastic ones?
        • 5 Years Ago
        Mitsubsihis are not unreliable. They destroyed their reputation by giving credit to people who didn't deserve it and they defaulted, thus destroying their resale value. Perception is reality. People believe a good car will have good resale value and bad cars have bad resale. So it actually doesn't matter that the truth is that Mitsu's are good cars, because enough people who got burned on trade in when trying to buy another one got turned off by it so they think the cars are bad. People like you say they're bad even without doing any research on it. I noticed you left Toyota out of your list of brands. Do you not think Mitsu is believing perhaps they can get in on a piece of market share that Toyota loses? No matter what scraps are left over after Honda, Hyundai, etc get their fill, Don't you think now is a great time to strike with good product no matter how saturated the market is?
        • 5 Years Ago

        I happen to strongly disagree with you, and so does my friends sister, a co-worker, and my girlfriend.

        Girlfriend had a 2003 Lancer that was dealer maintained, by the schedule in the OM. It was literally falling apart mechanically at just under 90,000 miles.

        My friends sister had a 2002 Eclipse Spyder GT. It was black, a black Mitsubishi. Do you know what that means? The clearcoat was peeling off in under 50,000 miles and Mitsubishi said "too bad". Engine started to drink oil like Mitsubishi V6s tend to do after a while. Interior was falling apart. Etc.

        A co-worker of mine had an early 2000's Galant and the transmission took a dump at just after 70,000 miles, and then has multiple issues after 75,000 miles. It also was black, and had the same issues as the Eclipse.

        Mitsubishis are junk.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I know initial quality in number of problems out of the factory is not as same as long-term reliability, but if you look at the numbers none the less:


        You can see Mitsubishi way down at the almost very bottom of the very list, while Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet are up in the top. I admit I don't research every brand for complete accuracy in the facts, but I don't say anything bluntly without knowing anything about it.

        • 5 Years Ago
        Absolutely someone can pick up the pieces left on the table by toyota's foibles.
        BUT, Mitsubishi is not a company poised to do that.

        Look at their portfolio:
        Lancer: newest product and best chance to start anew ala Mazda3: awesome looks, and I wanted one until I took one out. cheap interior, cheap doors, such a let down. so much of the last gen Galant.
        Galant: what's that? probably summarized as a high priced alternative to the Sebring. so much about nothing
        Outlander: an ugly also ran.
        Raider pickup: gone
        Eclipse: best choice out there among the lineup but has never really broken through. its in a dead market (witness death of Probe, Celica, Prelude,....) I like it but for the money you can get a Mustang and you cant tell me that the Eclipse is a better choice.
        Diamante: gone

        I'm a nostalgic fan of Mitsubishi. first Japanese car I liked was a Starion. First new car I bought was a Dodge Colt with the Mitsu engine in it. and I aways preferred the Montero and MSport to the Toyotas. but Mitsu is sadly irrelevant now
        • 5 Years Ago
        Gee, I didn't realize the Mazda3 was a Mitsubishi, geo.
        • 5 Years Ago
        *sigh, I don't know about everyone else, but I am not seeing this as a huge success. This part of market is too competitive, with exceptionals and extraordinaries Honda, Hyundai, Subaru and other brands... Mitsubishi had destroyed their reputation and sales numbers by their unreliable platform (and hasn't recovered ever since), It has a funky design, It's 2.0 liter is going to be weaker than other 2.4's and even v6's from Toyota, fuel economy honestly looking at Mitsubishi's record, don't see it exceeding that of GM's (I mean, Equinox 22/32MPG?) or Hyundai's (23/31MPG?)

        Sorry to be a pessimist, That's just how I see it.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Lots of articles on this model, interpreting the information we found via Japan:


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      • 5 Years Ago
      I think Mitsu needs to make some kick-ass sporty compacts (and rebadging Peugeots would be a great way to achieve that).

      I think the original Outlander was a classic design, but they totally wrecked it with the current version (and the last one), by making it so bulky and ugly.

      I think it needs to first put out some unique and great small cars, and relinquish these head-to-head head-butts to the competition for now, since it's not competitive in any category.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Do they really have to slap that stupid front end on everything?
      • 5 Years Ago
      I'm looking forward to this one if they can price it right. My biggest drawback is the 2.0L-CVT combo. This engine is OK but not great and the CVT used by Chrysler and Mitsubishi really needs some work done to it to provide some fun and not just sap the power from the already limited engine. 2.4L and a 5speed auto please.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The 2.0 engine is far superior to the 2.4. The American mindset of "displacement is everything" is dead wrong with modern engine tech.

      Actual dyno tests back up that the 4B11 2.0 engine is really only down by 5hp to the 4B12 2.4. The 4B11 also has a broader torque curve and more linear power delivery. The CVT kills the engine though and that is why they used the 2.4 for higher end models past 2008. Just to get the 2.4 with the CVT to match the 2.0 with a 5 speed.

      The 2.0 gets around 33mpg combined once broken in. The 2.4 can only manage around 26mpg because the engine is less advanced than the 2.0. If Mitsubishi places the 2.4 in the Outlander Sport it will make the car far less competitive in the segment.

      • 5 Years Ago
      Unfortunately there are too many negatives with this vehicle: 1. too much competetion from the outlander and for the outlander. @. will never beat the tucson.2. mitsubishis are unreliable.3. Many Americans don't know of Mitsubishi's cars. 4. Mitsubishis are starting to look too similar. 5. Too small for Americans. 6.Unrefined engine. 7. Name is too similar.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Mitsubishi Galant VR-4.


      I was always disappointed that Galant never got any decent hotted up version after that. Especially considering it been sharing important structural parts with the eclipse forever. Mitsu of America could've at least offered one with the springy parts from an Eclipse GT or Evo once that was offered here and a manual.

      I don't think you could get 5-spd Galant since '98 without ORDERING the absolute base DE model. (yes, I used to work on a Mitsu lot)


      (whine party over)
      • 5 Years Ago
      I actually quite like the front end design on this model, my only real draw back is the 2.0L cvt combo, I am not a fan of cvt's at all give me manual trans or a DCT and I would be more interested. A couple things that would make this "Sport" a success would be a DCT and DI, make with around 200hp and wham you have an instant star! I for on would really love to see Mitsu gain back some of their old spunk back love all the turbo models they had. And I agree with one of the most common post on here that they need to do a major overhaul/ redesign on the Galant(BRING BACK THE VR-4)
      • 5 Years Ago
      I wish they'd give it a unique name, but if it helps the old sales column and saves them a bit of money, I can understand.

      I think its a decent looking vehicle, although I'm not much of a fan of crossovers. I'd much rather see them roll a sleek new and relevant Galant, or a turbo, AWD Eclipse.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Yeah, it looks good, but it can't beat the new Hyundai Tucson or new Kia Sportage.

      Mitsu really needs to make a good Galant before focusing on anything else, because that's the only way to get their sales up.
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