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Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ever look for something high and low only to find it hiding in plain sight? That's how we'd sum up the latest announcement from General Motors. The company has announced that the new Buick Regal – based on 2009's European Car of the Year, the Opel Insignia – will enter production at the beginning of 2011 at its assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario. There it will join the existing assembly line for the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain crossovers and the Chevy Camaro.

The kicker? General Motors subtly slipped in the announcement that the Camaro Convertible will begin production there as well around the same time. The drop-top pony car was first mooted with the concept unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, and GM has been hemming and hawing about its production prospects ever since. Well, apparently they've made up their minds, and told all of us about it in the most understated way they could think of. Follow the jump to read the official press release.

[Source: General Motors]


2011 Buick Regal to be built at the Oshawa Car Assembly Plant


o Second new car built on Oshawa's state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing line
o Production to begin in first quarter 2011

Oshawa, ON - North American production of the all-new 2011 Buick Regal was today confirmed for the Oshawa Car Assembly plant beginning in Q1 2011. The new 2011 Regal is a midsize sport sedan based on the award-winning Opel Insignia – the 2009 "European Car of the Year" – and it brings all of Insignia's award-winning design, technology and European-inspired performance capabilities to the North American market.

"The new Regal gives Buick a modern performance sedan and its production here in Oshawa is terrific news for our employees, the CAW, dealers and suppliers," says Arturo Elias, president, General Motors of Canada. "Combining Buick's top position in the industry in terms of brand quality with the Oshawa Car Plant's long-standing reputation for top quality assembly means customers' highest expectations will be met with this midsize sport sedan."

Production of the new Buick Regal is the latest in a string of positive news for GM manufacturing in Canada including:

* Oshawa Car Plant running maximum overtime since June 2009 that will continue into the new year to keep up with demand for the Chevrolet Camaro
* Production of the Camaro Convertible in Oshawa beginning in Q1 2011
* The recent addition of a 3 rd shift plus scheduled overtime at CAMI Automotive to keep up with strong demand for the all-new Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain
* The investment of $C90 million in CAMI Automotive which will add an additional 40,000 units of capacity to current production and result in full employment at CAMI
* The introduction of flexible transmission production at GM Canada's St. Catharines facility beginning with assembly of the fuel-efficient 6-speed front-wheel-drive transmission

The new Buick Regal joins the Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox and the GMC Terrain as the third new vehicle in the production commitment that was part of the agreement with the Canadian and Ontario Governments.

General Motors of Canada (GMCL) is headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario and employs 9,000 people nationwide. GM of Canada manufactures vehicles, vehicle powertrains, and markets the full range of General Motors vehicles and related services through dealerships and retailers across Canada.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Brian is only ten years old. His hobby is posting anti-domestic rants on this site.
      • 5 Years Ago
      No matter how iconic a vehicle might look with some shared DNA from its storied past it will be impossible to look beyond that Gold Plastic Chevy Badge that couldn't look any cheaper if it tried. Its a Camaro for christs sake as well as a car so how about a metal logo of some sort, you either are classy or you're trying to be classy.

      Do you buy your wife a $30k diamond mounted on a Captain Crunch Ring that whistles when you blow into it? Case Closed!!! Logo's mean something, especially in this time and place. Chevy, step your game up....way up.
      • 5 Years Ago
      GM is continuing the path of old GM they need to focus on small/sub compact and mid size car models: being able to compete with foreign autos on those segments and making them cost effective.

      Also addressing one of the major issue which is UAW/CAW need to force them to redo the contract or let a manufacturing vendor handle their production and bypass unions all together. Till then they need to put an end all these pet projects which add $$ to their bottom line and only dilutes their resource.
        • 5 Years Ago
        None of the GM fanboys here want to hear your opinion, they think that this US version of British Leyland is the second coming of Christ and all new models are going to make the company a ton of money. Fact is, GM won't ever be in the black again unless oyu count your taxpayer dollars as profit.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Yea they should stop selling their high profit margin well selling car that gives the brand a bit more broad user appeal and focus only on low profit margine economy cars.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I think they'll make money on this car but what needs to be done is this

        #1 They need to move production down south, clearly UAW will not allow it to function properly.

        #2 Make sure that Cruze is competitive in the segment, because by the time it comes out new Civic and Centra will be here. If Cruze is another Cobalt, which is a big seller that generates no profits GM will be in a lot of trouble.

        #3 Since GM sells so many SUVs and Pick Ups they need to make sure that their powertrains are very efficient, as economy improves oil will increase in price.
        • 5 Years Ago

        @Sea Urchin
        Good points.
        "I think they'll make money on this car but what needs to be done is this"
        don't think so convertible segment is way too overcrowded and sales are plunging. Mustang conv. sold 11k down 34% and Sebring barely even 6600 (it sold what 40,000+ couple years ago). It does not make sense for any company let along GM to introduce convertible in this market. Sales are expected plunge further for the segment next year.


        "The D3's Unions have bent over backwards and cut pay, jobs, training, benefits, new-hires come in MUCH lower, etc. etc. etc., yet Management keeps on getting perks and bonuses and stock options and huge buyouts and golden parachutes. The Unions do not design/engineer the parts, they just assembly as the whitecollar Process Engineers tell them to. The Unions don't decide to build SUV's when buyers want Civics."
        Yes management is part of the problem but Union worker makes more than the respective counterpart working for Toyota plant. Plus the fact that Big 3 can't adjust their wages or let go of employees when things turn sour is "big" competitive disadvantage.

        "So, you want your $40,000 ride to be assembled by untrained McDonalds' workers making a dime above Minimum Wage? Have any of you boys and girls EVER spend a 10 hour day in a factory? Seriously. What? you are too good for actual labour, and you are going to business school...let the minorities and illegals do that hard work stuff! You have X-Box to play."
        No one is saying that they hire untrained workers. They can find plenty of workers who are far more skilled that will work for 12-15 dollars an hour in Michigan, because of UAW few manufacturers want to move to Michigan or Ohio to take advantage of that.
        As for Big 3 what is being said is that Unions place Big 3 at a disadvantage and the management needs to stop bending over backwards for them because they are afraid of a strike and address the problem directly.
        "So you love Japanese cars? Their domestic Unions are stronger than the UAW ever was. The entanglement of Unions, Corporations, and Prefecture Governments in Japan would never ever be tolerated here."
        Japanese workers still make far less than UAW workers that said Japan is not a good model even there you are seeing production slowly shifting to China because of the Japanese government's policies.

        • 5 Years Ago
        At last someone on this site(besides Matt on Ford) talks some sense....
        • 5 Years Ago
        "all the caSh those Confederate States gave away in tax breaks to get those manufacturing plants will take generations of payroll taxes to make it back! "--------------Also a very valid point, as i understand a locality gave GM 800+ million dollars recently not to close a plant in the area. This is simply out right crime against the taxpayers.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @ OC

        "Management keeps on getting perks and bonuses and stock options and huge buyouts and golden parachutes. The Unions do not design/engineer the parts, they just assembly as the whitecollar Process Engineers tell them to. The Unions don't decide to build SUV's when buyers want Civics. "-----This is a very valid point with which i agree. However, let's look at the culture of unions, one of the biggest issues with unions is they do not want employees to be shifted form one area of a factory to another. Say a guy attaches wheels to the car and now they need help in door attachment section, the employee does not have to comply when asked to help.

        What this does is, it creates a workforce that is too accustomed to their job and that can not handle change, at the same time the factory become very inefficient, if two employees from door department are on vacation and no one can replace them the plant slows down. If a plans starts making 4-door cars and now needs extra help it will take time to re-train new staff. When employees are exposed to all segments of manufacturing they can easily switch jobs when a new product comes in and they can help management by pointing out mistakes in certain areas.

        I'll give you a very odd example, Accounting.

        That's right, whenever a fresh college grad joins a large Accounting firm as an auditor he goes thru a program, today he audits a music company, 3 weeks from now a trucking company, 3 weeks after that a Financial Conglomerate. After that he audit s differed departments within those companies. You can not learn accounting without experiencing all side of it, Honda does the same thing with their engineering, they move them from powertrain, to F1 (when they had it) unit to manufacturing. A business can not thrive if its workforce refuses to learn. I see it first hand, people in my department have no Excel skills because in the past they were never pushed into learning it, they grew too accustomed to the routine and fear change, so much so that they refuse to learn new programs just so they do not have to change their daily work.

        • 5 Years Ago
        OC_cars - Exactly. None of these clowns has a clue. I *have* worked on a production line and it sucks. My friends who still work there have been beaten down so badly. They make less, work more (as if the work they were doing wasn't enough) and have been forced into concessions running very deeply.

        "Aznauto - No one is saying that they hire untrained workers. They can find plenty of workers who are far more skilled that will work for 12-15 dollars an hour in Michigan, because of UAW few manufacturers want to move to Michigan or Ohio to take advantage of that.
        As for Big 3 what is being said is that Unions place Big 3 at a disadvantage and the management needs to stop bending over backwards for them because they are afraid of a strike and address the problem directly."

        A$$holeauto - You are high. You haven't a clue. You're still talking about conditions of the 80's and earlier. The union has very little power to strike, especially now. And the workers just keep giving up more and more and more. I bet you've never been within 1,000 feet of any of these plants. How the hell could you possibly know anything about what is going on in there. I know. I used to work those lines and it sucks. $12 - $15 per hour? Bull$hit! When I was working on a line back in 1997, we had an influx of people who hired in new at about $13/hr. Half of them quit because they couldn't take it. Take your China loving a$$ to Shanghai and stay there.
        • 5 Years Ago
        What do you call the upcoming Michigan-built Aveo, Cruze, Astra-based Buick, Gamma-based GMC, and Alpha-platform Cadillac?

        How about the brand-new Regal midsize, or the already excellent Malibu?

        Yeah, GM should just cancel all of their performance cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs because you say so.

        Oh wait, you're the guy that wants every carmaker to move all their production to China. Yeah, you win the credibility game on that one.
      • 5 Years Ago
      wasn't the mustang convertible available a few months after the coupe first appeared in showrooms?
      Someone explain why we still have to wait over a year from now for the drop top camaro.
      WHAT is taking so long, GM?
        • 5 Years Ago
        They are bankrupt, be thankful they even have a photo of this thing mocked up to show you.
      • 5 Years Ago
      No more complaints about the "blind spot" in the Camaro...just drop the top!!!
        • 5 Years Ago
        Depends... but even if we got 6 months of nice weather, the potholes are guaranteed to ruin your summer.. if not the potholes, the road crews. And if not the road crews, the massive amounts of police radar traps. Can't win.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Poopy, apparently there are a lot of Canadians here, i was cracking a joke here the other day and was confronted by guys from Nova Scotia, they keps peppering their insults with the words "eh" and "mon due" qui-qui" "Ohhoho" so it was hard to figure it all out, but seems like they were angry.

        On a serious note, what is the potential of this Camaro and all others being exported out of USA. I would think that Camaro would be a huge seller in Middle east and with afluen Chinese.
        • 5 Years Ago
        CORRECTION: The Camaro Conv. and Regal will not join the Equinox and Terrain line. Those plants are at least 125 miles apart.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Our summer's may not be that long, but the tops are down from the moment summer arrive to the first snow flake.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I was at a car show last year and boy was the guy at the camaro display uptight about blindspots. I don't really recall saying anything about it but he went on and on. What he said was correct (i.e. nature of the beast, low slung performance car, etc.). So if anyone sees him in the future, don't mention the blindspot.

        Dodge needs to get on the ball. There should have been a convert. Challenger already. Although I can understand the delay somewhat considering they're having weight issues already. Of course most folks don't buy converts if peak performance levels are an issue. So Chrysler........build one already!!!!!!!!

        And here comes our friendly neighborhood Chrysler and GM jihadist, the infamous and all-knowing Brian.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is great news for GM Canada and for Oshawa, which has been hit VERY hard by the downturn. Before the old Regal was retired, that plant had a consistently high reputation for best initial quality of the vehicles it produced. Nice to see that they're getting a new Regal to build, and i hope they can keep up their previous reputation.
      • 5 Years Ago
      10:01AM (11/27/2009)
      Knowing GM, this convertible will have all kinds of quality issues...just like the hard top Camaro with its play-dough interior and launch issues. If you thought that was bad, just wait until the car is compromised by having its top cut off. The cowl shake will be TERRIBLE. And then the typical GM dealership marking it up $10k over sticker. Just more games from Government Motors

      At least GM's products are not killing their customers like flys or lying through their teeth as your ricer buddies,

      Is the Toyota Motor Corp. juggernaut losing its conqueror-of-the-world mojo?

      Because if it was a Detroit automaker that was recalling 4.26 million vehicles to repair accelerator problems, or if it was a Detroit automaker that had broken its historic no-plant-closings pledge, or if it was a Detroit automaker that had recalled more vehicles (2.38 million) in 2005 than it sold in the United States that year (2.26 million), the answer would be an emphatic fricking Ya.

      The answer also would be yes if Toyota, an earnings powerhouse, suddenly stopped minting cash -- notwithstanding the three-month period ended Sept. 30 -- and was on track to lose billions more this year.
      The answer would be yes if its exponential market share gains suddenly slowed, or if its national rival, Honda Motor Co., kept delivering profits despite a global auto recession and its new South Korean rival, Hyundai-Kia, continued to grab precious U.S. market share.

      News flash:
      The men running Toy ota appear to be morons. They overreach and make mistakes. Their vehicles are not flawless. Their engineers cut corners, at least in ways that garner the attention of the National Highway Traffic Administration. Their Camry no longer is the undisputed king of midsize cars, now that rivals Ford Motor Co. and even General Motors Co. are proving they can produce world-class metal, too.

      This isn't new, either, suggesting that Toyota's troubles may be more of a developing pattern than a one-time aberration. Two years ago, before two-thirds of Detroit's automakers were tempered by the fires of bankruptcy, the editor of the ostensibly "Japanese-loving" Consumer Reports apologized to readers for recommending the problem-plagued Camry V-6.

      He also said the magazine had decided new Toyota models could no longer be given the benefit of the doubt -- or its prized "recommended" label. And Toyota's V-8 powered Tundra four-wheel drive pickup was labeled "unreliable" by the magazine, the unofficial Bible to discerning car and truck buyers.

      Two years before that, the global industry's gold standard for quality recalled more vehicles in the United States than it sold in the United States. There have been running customer complaints about sludge in its engines, and, more recently, growing federal skepticism over Toyota's response to the unintended acceleration probe.

      'Grasping for salvation'

      Infallible they aren't, as CEO Akio Toyoda, a scion of the founding family, conceded last month. Toyota, he said, is nearing "capitulation to irrelevance or death" and is "grasping for salvation." He also said the still cash-rich automaker has grown too arrogant on "the hubris born of success" and the "undisciplined pursuit of more."

      Even adjusting for the Japanese cultural proclivity for excessive apology freighted with humility, those are stunning statements coming from a Toyota CEO. Considering that his name, save one letter, is on the proverbial building, the admissions are even more revealing.

      Which means what, exactly?

      That the Great Recession, the accelerant that pushed GM and Chrysler Group LLC into bankruptcy and fueled Ford's evident resurgence, also is rebalancing the automotive landscape in ways that seemed impossible just a few years ago.

      Fresh from federally induced bankruptcy, GM's labor costs are competitive; its product portfolio is solid; its footprint in developing markets is impressive; and its debt load is enviably small, making it a potentially formidable competitor able to generate cash once the worst of the auto sales depression passes.

      Ford arguably is building its best vehicles in a generation, if not a whole lot longer. The Blue Oval is booking monthly gains in its share of the U.S. market, an accomplishment seemingly reserved exclusively for Toyota not too long ago.

      And Toyota's position as the undisputed quality leader and industry juggernaut clearly is in jeopardy. That's change you can believe in.

        • 5 Years Ago
        Exactly, vetteracer. Toyota is going down LOL!

        tankd0g - What exploding gas tanks?

        "Dateline NBC aired an investigative report about General Motors pickup trucks allegedly exploding upon impact during accidents due to poor design of fuel tanks. Dateline's film showed a sample of a low speed accident with the fuel tank exploding. In reality, Dateline NBC producers had rigged the truck with remotely detonated explosives. The program did not disclose the fact that the accident was staged. GM investigators studied the film, and discovered that smoke actually came out of the fuel tank a split-second before impact. GM subsequently filed an anti-defamation lawsuit against NBC after conducting an extensive investigation. On February 18, 1993 GM conducted a highly publicized point-by-point rebuttal that lasted nearly two hours after announcing the lawsuit. The lawsuit was quickly settled by NBC, and Jane Pauley read an apology on the program.
        The following Dateline NBC producers were dismissed: Jeff Diamond, executive producer; David Rummel, senior producer; and Robert Read, producer of the report on the pickups. Michele Gillen, the reporter involved in the segment, was transferred to Miami station WTVJ. Michael G. Gartner, president of the news division, resigned under pressure."


        What decapitating airbags? You mean like in this Volkswagen?


        How about some deadly Honda airbags?

        • 5 Years Ago
        A-f**king-men! If this site officially had such a distinction, I'd nominate that for Comment of the Day. Well said, sir.

        *Slow clap*
      • 5 Years Ago
      Yeah! Awesome! An American icon... made in Canada. LOL At least GM is giving Canadians jobs!
        • 5 Years Ago
        To be voted out of office.
      • 5 Years Ago
      GM can be as subtle as they like, this will sell itself, like the current Camaro.

      BTW I see trolls in other car forums and Mac forums, and it's best not to feed them. That's what the star ratings are for, so you don't have to waste your time responding to some 12-year old with nothing better to do.
      • 5 Years Ago
      i just saw the most stupid commercial ever on TV last night , just wanted to share it with some car fans to know if you think the same, this is the Czech version , but you'll get the idea :

      • 5 Years Ago
      And I can't believe people on here are so blind and desperate to cheerlead for Government Motors that they defend the Camaro's atrocious interior quality...lol.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Shame on all of you who fed the troll today.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Which troll? Sorry but I had to answer trolld0g's false statements.
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