• Aug 31st 2009 at 11:57AM
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It's been a few months since we last heard from Gordon Murray, designer of the legendary McLaren F1 supercar and upcoming (hopefully) T25 city car. Back in February, Murray mentioned that his firm had received interest from over a dozen international companies that could license the car's design and iStream production method to set up franchises selling the innovative machine. Speaking to Car Magazine in the UK, Murray expounds:
We've had 20 inquiries from 15 different countries; only seven are existing car producers. We've had governments saying "we need a car for our cities." But equally you could start seeing cars coming from brand owners like Apple or Virgin or Sony.
Murray further explains that the T25 will be equipped with a 660cc engine sourced from Mitsubishi in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated forms. Future iterations of the platform are planned with hybrid and electric powertrains.

Interestingly, Murray suggests that much of the philosophy behind the T25 was taken from the motorcycle world, including driver involvement and low environmental impact. All told, Murray estimates that the T25 will use 40 percent less energy than a conventional car over its entire lifecycle.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Months Ago
      I disagree, there are some cars that are good looking but have low impact (e.g. Mini Cooper, Fiat 500) But most cars are UGLY when they come to the environment (e.g. Prius, Insight (new one), Aveo) Those lists can go on.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I just wanna see the thing damn it !
      When he is supposed to finally unveil it?
      I am glad somebody is thinking way outside the box...

      ...also... I think it looks fine from the one headlight.
      What were you hoping for?
      Something all new that looks safe and warm just like something old?
      Or some inane matchbox car with 3 inch high windows and huge wheels/tires?
      I'm sick to death of all that muscle car and racer boy crap.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Here's one that does make sense by the way... Small is not the issue... Sleek may well be...

      • 8 Months Ago
      Somehow I don't think either Apple or Sony would be interested. Virgin, well maybe, as that conglomerate is diversifying madly. They might get sales through another dealership, perhaps Saturn under Penske ownership, or some of the many soon to be defunct Chrysler and GM dealers.

      I can't tell exactly how ugly the car is by just one headlight, but that headlight does not look promising.
      • 8 Months Ago
      What is the dc of that car? Again small EVs appear to be ugly (G-Wiz). The Aperta is actually a cool looking car.

      An Apple designed care would be really cool too.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I can already tell that that vehicle is HIDEOUS just from seeing that headlight. Way to go, I will add him to the list of terrible automotive designers right next to the Aptera designers.
        • 8 Months Ago
        Oh, dear. What is the line? "Somethings happening and you don't know what it is, Mr. Jones."
        • 8 Months Ago
        Gordon Murray is "designer" as chief engineer, not "designer" as stylist. I don't know if he's styling the T25.

        As chief engineer of the McLaren F1 and Rocket, Gordon Murray is superman. His innovation, attention to detail, and packaging is unsurpassed.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Tiny is not... or shouldn't be the issue. As far as there's still a market out there for really small cars, automakers are already on to it. Don't see how Murray will be able to proceed unless he will get government support, for instance for reinstating a plant that has been abandoned by its previous owner. May well happen in Longbridge, UK.
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