• Jun 30th 2008 at 8:55AM
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With the Volkswagen Scirocco now out in the public domain, Volkswagen appears to be on a campaign to keep our attention piquied with this teaser shot that has been floating around cyberspace. The image shows a darkened glimpse at the front end of a potentially beefier Scirocco, with the R in the reflection colored the bold blue that has become the trademark color of Volkswagen's performance badge.

If the R-type Scirocco got the same 247-hp 3.2-liter VR6 and 4Motion all-wheel-dive from its Golf/Rabbit R32 stable-mate, and some of the styling cues from the Scirocco GT24, we could have quite the stormer on our hands.

[Source: Autoblog.nl]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      No Scirocco here, but don't worry, we get the wonderful Phaeton and $60k Passat 4dr coupe.
      • 7 Years Ago
      While we can all enjoy speculating wildly here, I'm almost positive this teaser "ad" is a fake.

      - I'm pretty sure that's not the VW corporate font, and its using Apple's trademark (and annoying) water reflection filter.

      - There's no VW logo or tag line here (Do they use Das Auto in Europe too?). Any marketing person worth half thier salt wouldn't release this without some branding.

      - VW tends to be fairly original in its ads, and since everyone and their freaking mother is doing these lame blacked out mystery shots, I don't think they'd just follow suit.

      My vote: wishful thinking...

      But I'd still buy one. Just don't tell my GTI...
        • 7 Years Ago
        i can't remember if these were real ads or just agency jokes, but the line "evil twin" was used by Ford Europe for the Ka a couple years ago.

        • 7 Years Ago
        You beat me to it.

        "The Evil Twin" does seem like a VW tagline to me. And I can't recall VW doing much teasing in the past.

        I'm guessing internet fakeroo also.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Yeah, and they ran away from that ad campaign real quick, even saying some of the ads (the cat one) were unauthorized. Learn from others' mistakes, I say.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Volkswagen in Germany already said there will be no AWD or V6 Scirocco as they presented the Scirocco.

      They perhaps plan a sportive FWD version powered by a 250-260PS 2.0 TFSI engine from the Audi S3.

      AWD and V6 would completely ruin VW´s idea behind the Scrocco...

      1. payable (in Europe were the 200hp Scirocco is cheaper as the GTI)
      2. light (lot lighter as the GTI)
      3. low emission (by using small displacment engine like the 1.4TSI)

        • 7 Years Ago
        God, lighter than, more powerful than, somewhere in the same price-range as the GTI??? Yes please!!

        (now just bring it over, VW!!!)
      • 7 Years Ago
      I hope the R32/R36 variant looks like the concept instead of the bland production coupe.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Sorry, but you have got it all wrong.
      "R" is more like in "R-Line" and does not have anything to do with R32 or later versions.
      Look at it as an R32 without the engine.
      I have a Golf V GT Sport, with all the R-line packages, it looks like and R32 but I have the 170HP diesel...so, I have the sport suspensions, seats, steering wheel, etc...but I can get 40-45mpg on the highway if I want and have more torque than the R32.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Thanks for depressing me even more about stuff we don't get :p.
      • 7 Years Ago
      It'd likely be the .:R36 if it did become an .:R model. The only reason the current MkV R32 isn't an R36 is because they didn't leave enough room in the engine bay for the 3.6L. Rather unfortunate. But I'm sure they will have learned from their mistake.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm not so sure. The scirocco is lighter, cheaper, and handles better then the GTI. The new S4 will be lighter then the outgoing model. VAG, and most of their brands, Lamborghini, Audi, et-al, are beginning to release a raft of lighter vehicles. I wouldn't be surprised if the Scirocco didn't feature the 3.6L or even a V6 as every single solitary bit of press release thus far would point to some sort of 2.0T ala the S3, given the 'ring iteration of the car and everything else we've been reading. 250hp 2.0T, much lighter, 4 motion, R8/599 suspension? count me in.
      • 7 Years Ago
      i would be more interested to see then 260hp 2.0T from the TT-S. the R32 is a pig.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Well the money argument is valid, I own a MkV as well and have driven both. For $33k, there is no way I'd look at an R32. However, markdowns on the R's that dealers can't get rid of are pretty extreme, one can be had for $27k. That makes it a bit more tempting....

        I live in a mountain-y area, I often drive on backroads and I could sure make use of the AWD, probably more than most. But it still wouldn't be worth $33k to me, I agree with you pretty strongly on that point :p.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Maybe they'll smart up from the MkIV R32 and offer FI on the VR6 :). And I'd hardly call the R32 a pig, on a track it'll outrun a GTI with chip/suspension.
      • 7 Years Ago
      We're not going to get the Scirocco folks(!). So why get interested in a car VW won't be importing here? Yes, it would be a nice addition to (or replacement for) the R32 currently sold in the U.S., but fat chance of seeing it on our shores as long as the discrepency in monetary values plagues the dollar being on the low side. So, don't get too excited by these teaser photos. All we can do is admire the Scirocco from 'across the pond' and hope that someday our money will be valuable enough - in Germany - to pay for one.
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