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The crew over at the MustangBlog procured a copy of the 2008 Mustang Ordering Guide and after combing through the corporate doc they came across all the details of the beloved Bullitt Mustang.

On the outside, color choices will be appropriately limited to Highland Green and Black, while 18-inch Charcoal Satin Finish Euro-Flange rollers frame dark grey brake calipers holding on to Performance-grade Carbon Metallic pads up front. The 'Stang is dropped by Ford's Sport Tuned suspension kit that includes new shocks, springs and a stabilizer bar, while a Bullitt emblem faux filler cap, a spoiler delete and a new upper grille, sans Pony badge and fog lamps, completes the exterior adornments.

Performance-wise, the Bullitt gets the Ford Racing Power Pack, although we're not sure if it's just limited to the cold-air intake system or if it's the full monty, including new mass air meter, Ford Racing oil filter and new mufflers. The Bullitt will come equipped with a reflashed ECU, so we'd guess it's a bit more than just an intake, especially considering that the exhaust comes with 3.5-inch tips. A Ford Racing strut tower brace emblazoned with a serialized label stretches across the engine bay, while out back a 3.73:1 LSD makes sure the extra ponies make it to the ground. Ford decided to nix the space-saver spare in favor of a tire inflation kit, presumably to save weight.

Inside, a black interior with the Sport Leather Seat Appearance package accompanies aluminum accents in the form of a ball shifter, sill plates and pedal covers, while a custom steering wheel is fitted in place of the stock unit.

Now, if we can just get Dodge to release a comparably equipped Charger, we're going to set the team of Neff and Nunez loose on the streets of S.F.

[Source: MustangBlog]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      The horsepower debate should not be an issue....if history tells tales, the 312-315(i've seen both quoted) should be an underrated quote. Hell the 03/04 Mach 1's claimed 305hp, but if anyone has ever dynoed one, it puts almost 300 to the wheels(depending on the dyno and climate,etc). Not saying the Bullit will have more, but just an idea to think about. Plus, speculation is just that....speculation! Even when the official stats come from Ford, I would want to see the car in action. You know: Have it dyno'd, get a feel for ride quality, etc.

      And when it comes down to it, some like to have have a premium package over the general theme....take the 3x Halo 3 packages. Different levels of junk or treasure depending on the person. Who needs a Master Chief helmet cover for their game? I personally don't but it's collectible and that's part of why people buy things nowadays.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Actually, being called a Mustang _guarantees_ "suckage." Mustangs are obese and suffer from all the negative consequences of being obese.
        • 7 Years Ago

        Nissan 350Z 3,339 lbs
        Mustang GT 3450 lbs

        Everything is heavy today.

        The new Camaro and Challenger are both expected to be close to 4000 lbs.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Jay, comparing the Mustang to other obese cars does not make the Mustang not obese.

        Tagg, you are obviously a Mustang fanboy. Have you actually ever driven a car that was built for handling? Mustangs with their solid rear axles are made for straight lines.

        Was my comment childish because I used the word, "suckage"? Try reading the title of the blog post, or are you implying the blog poster is childish?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Actually, being called a Mustang _guarantees_ "suckage."

        Yeah, like your childish comment.
      • 7 Years Ago
      There were two Mustangs used in Bullit. One was destroyed during filming and the other has been the source of speculation for years. Mustang monthly Magazine has reported that the car is in private hands in Ohio. The owner has refused to allow the car to be photographed.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The base GT is still the fastest car out there for under $35K, even faster than the SRT8.
      I expect about 40 HP increase with the typical great sounding Ford V8, in addition to an improved suspension. All for a slight premium, but remember to compare that premium to a loaded GT to keep it fair.

      Sign me up
      • 7 Years Ago
      This should look a lot better then the last Bullit Stang.

      However I really hope this does not spawn some dreadful remake of Bullit.

      Remakes seem to be sucking more then ever lately.
        • 7 Years Ago
        This is already underway... there was an AB post about it about it a few months ago. Brad Pitt as Bullitt. Ech.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The Charger SRT-8 is allready waiting with his 430 H.P. Giddy Up!

      I'm sure, next year when the Camaro returns, there will be an option of the Corvette V-8 for it.

      But, then again, there allready is the Saturn Sky from the aftermarket with the Corvette V-8 in it....
      • 7 Years Ago
      You both have valid points. I'm not saying solid axles is superior in all cases... just this one.

      Maybe you are right and most users will never take advantage of the live axle by racing. By the same note, will the non-enthusiast really notice the difference in the handling? I'm gonna say no. The vast majority of v-6 converible girly Stangs are sold for curb appeal alone.

      The Viper and Vette are naturally far more expensive, too.

      The Mustang's 8.8 rear is actually quite strong. Most drag cars retain the stock axle, with some basic upgrades (stronger axle shafts, c-clip eliminators) deep into the 10s, which is basically as fast as 99% of street driven drag cars ever go.

        • 7 Years Ago
        A non-enthusiast will definitely benefit from the IRS. The much improved road feel, overall responsiveness, and ride were notable benefits of the IRS equipped 99-01 Cobras (before they got nose heavy). Anyone will notice those attributes far more in the day to day activities than the few who take a SRA equipped car to a drag strip and notice a little less axle hop or what have you. Not to mention it might be fun to take a Mustang through an actual fun road, rather than between two stop lights, and the IRS comes into play massively there.

        I will give credit where it is due though, Ford have a great SRA setup, though they should given the number of decades the "technology" has been around. Regardless of how good they make it though, an IRS will be superior, especially if they sink as much thought and time into it as they have with the SRA.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I would like to know where I may purchase the SVT Bullitt Tire Inflation KIt. I have a 92 lxtrunk and am trying to reduce weight
      Nick Sileno
      • 7 Years Ago
      If it still has a solid rear axle, then it still sucks.
        • 7 Years Ago

        I have "gotten over it". I'll buy something else.

        A very, very small percentage of people every drag race. In exchange for something they'll never use (drag racing ability), 95% of the owners are stuck with a suspension that has greater unsprung weight, which compromises ride and handling.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Guys like you just don't get it. The Mustang fanbase specifically ASKED for the live axle. We literally petitioned Ford.

        We are drag racers, pure and simple. It's the only way to go for the drags. People were switching the IRS out of their Cobras to go back to live axles. Not to mention, the guys running AI road cars still get amazing handling. There is no need for the expense and weakness an IRS would bring to these cars.

        Get over it.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Shipey, IRS works out to be cheaper than SRA. And as for the whole drag racing argument, you guys act as though IRS is incapable of running at the strip, which simply isn't true, given the large amount of cars that run very quick with IRS setups (Viper and Corvette, anyone?). Besides, chances are that if you're going to get that serious into the car as to where it would necessitate running an SRA, you're not going to leave the stock setup in it anyways.

        And just a side note, if this thing costs over $32,000, it's a straight rip-off. You can buy a brand new, properly optioned GT Deluxe, along with Ford Racing Parts (right out of the catalog, which is far from the cheapest place) that provide even -better- equipment than what is listed for this Bullitt, for a little over $31,500.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The bad part is this car will probably be classified as SCCA F Stock despite all of the Street prepared mods from the factory forcing all F Stock people to get this car.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Cool car.

      Anyways, I agree on the SRA setup. The Mustang isn't a bad handling car. I like the ride. It can get "bouncy" sometimes but I found the 350Z to be the same...and it also had the habit of pulling whenever I went over some uneven roads.

      I think even if Ford put an IRS system in the Stang and raised the price by a grand, people would still flock.
        • 7 Years Ago
        So tired of the unfounded bias against IRS in terms of weight and cost... Using an absolutely -perfect- example, you can compare the '01 Cobra and the '03 Mach 1. Both used the same engine, same chassis, same equipment, only the Cobra utilized IRS and the Mach 1 was SRA. Now...

        Cobra -
        Weight: 3,430 lbs.
        Price: $29,235

        Mach 1 -
        Weight: 3,465 lbs.
        Price: $29,025

        And that's just overall weight mind you, not taking into account the fact that the Cobra's IRS setup accounted for a 125 pound reduction in unsprung weight, which is rather important as far as handling is concerned. A $210 difference in price would be well worth having the IRS in place of the SRA in my eyes.

        So yes, those 13 seconds down a drag strip taken by a rare few are totally worth keeping the car in the stone age with clearly inferior equipment.
        • 7 Years Ago
        I'm not against it. I just find the Mustang to be an already good handling car. IRS WOULD be a great addition to an already great car.

        What puzzles me is why they didn't just use a similar IRS setup that was once on the Lincoln LS (seeing as the Mustang already sits on a modified LS platform) or just a similar system that was used in the last Cobra. It's not like they would have to develop a system that was totally different.
      • 7 Years Ago
      i would to know where I may purchase the SVT Bullitt Tire Inflation Kit. I have 1 92 lx trunk and am trying to reduce weight
      nick sileno
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