Spy Shots: Ford Mustang Bullitt caught!

Last December we were invited to Detroit to view Ford's "Showroom of the Future" and were shown a dozen cars and trucks stretching out all the way to 2012. Nothing in Ford's pipeline we saw that day excited us more than seeing the upcoming Ford Mustang Bullitt in person. That was ten months ago, and since no cameras were allowed in the room, all we have is a hazy memory of a gorgeous green Mustang.

The car you see here (click the Read link for more pics) is likely the production version of the Bullitt Mustang we saw back then. A StangNet community member snapped these pics recently, and they suggest that the Bullitt will do away with any superfluous accoutrement like spoilers, louvers and hood scoops. Instead, it will be simple and plain, but more powerful than a standard Mustang GT.

Unfortunately, this little peek is all we get, so we can't comment on specifics except to refer you to a previous post on the Bullitt's leaked specs. The Mustang GT's 4.6L V8 should be producing 312 HP in the Bullitt thanks to a Ford Racing Performance Parts Power Pack, and suspension and brake upgrades are expected, as well.

We hope we'll meet the Mustang Bullitt again in person come January at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, but until then we expect everyone in Motown to lift up any car covers you see.
[Source: StangNet.com]

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