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Could it be true? Mike Levine at Pickuptruck.com thinks so and has quotes from Hyundai to back it up. The speculation is that the South Korean automaker may levereage the BH platform on which its upcoming Genesis luxury sedan is based to produce a new rear-wheel-drive pickup. Up until this point, we were aware that in addition to the BH-based Genesis, Hyundai was also planning a long-wheelbase version of the luxury sedan, a version badged as a Kia, and a rear-wheel-drive coupe. Adding a rear-wheel-drive pickup to the mix would help Hyundai get even more mileage out of the platform, so to speak.

Of course, being based on a unibody platform, the Hyundai pickup would be more like Honda's midsize Ridgeline than Toyota's new Tundra, the latter of which was designed to compete against Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Nissan in the full-size truck segment. Hyundai's pickup would likely share the same advantages that the Ridgeline now enjoys: under bed storage, a decent ride, sharper handling, and potentially higher fuel economy than a traditional pickup. Unlike the Ridgeline, however, it would be rear-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive and feature Hyundai's new "Tau" 4.6L V8 rather than a V6. Thus, the Hyundai pickup would likely be a more capable hauler than the Ridgeline, which is saddled with a low 5,000-lb. towing capacity, less than half of some traditional pickups. Plus, Hyundai has confirmed that the Tau can go larger than 4.6L if it's used in a truck, which means it would produce considerably more than the 300 horsepower that's being planned for the Genesis.

[Source: Pickuptruck.com, illustration by Mark Stehrenberger used with permission]

And get this: Hyundai may also be planning a unibody compact pickup powered by a four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels. We've been saying for quite some time that the compact pickup market is becoming more ripe by the day, and it's only a matter of time before an automaker realizes that there's a demand for small, fuel-efficient pickups with more refinement than the aged Ford Ranger.

With all of this news, we think it's safe to say Hyundai is a full-line automaker in the making.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      I agree, cars that can tow, haul and retain the desirable qualities of a car are superior to gigantic, V6-only trucks like the Ridgeline. Nearly every review of the Ridgeline I've read has noted V8-like fuel consumption. What's the point then? Why not just get a Tundra or another real truck?

      I think with fuel prices going up and the mass exodus from SUVs there's a market for cars like the Australian Utes in the US. People who love cars but want to run to Lowe's every once in awhile or haul something in the back. All without the stinging fuel bills and driving dynamics penalty.

      GM can't sell the upcoming Ute SS here soon enough.
      • 8 Years Ago
      RE:12. I would rather see a return to fuel efficient compact trucks rather than car based trucks.

      I agree but some trucks are close to being cars to appeal to those who don't need them. A car/truck is better suited to those who don't "use" a truck but loose out without "Macho" appeal. Small pickups came with four cylinders and eventually V6s as an option. Now four cylinders have more power then the v6s did,but hard to find and none available in the 4X4.
      • 8 Years Ago
      make the front end a little less ugly, and I'll buy one. Kinda makes me wonder why Honda doesn't make something like this. Drop in a torquey hybrid V6 and I'll be all over a Hyundaimino. Yeah, i said it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      DCX could make a nice car based truck out of the Magnum/300. And get it to the market faster than Hyundai.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I saw this new Hyundai pickup near the Fountain Valley, California design center for Hyundai over a year ago, very thinly cloaked with "car bra's". It was being driven by a white coated tech, and even tho the front had a mask, you could easily see the "H" outlined on the front grill. About the same size as the 1st generation Tundra, read the rest at Edmunds.com. At the time Hyundai denied it, but Kia was showing the same thing...the Mojave concept pickup at east coast car shows in 2004!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I can't say I'm crazy about the idea of the big honkin' unibody pickup, but the compact one's not a bad idea. The only competitive product in the segment is the Tacoma, so maybe Hyundai could win some sales there from people who want something lighter duty.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Brian W, when will you drop your biased and insecure tradition of bad-mouthing every Hyundai article. Are you a Japanese or Big 3 fan boy who cries everytime someone buys a Hyundai? I bet you've never even driven a recetn Hyundai. Get a life, Hyundai deserves better given their efforts to please the consumer.
      • 8 Years Ago

      the EL KOREA-MINO!!!!

      If GM can't get it together, I guess the idea is fair game. Maybe Lutz plans to show the 2014 El Camino as a concept, while GM fiddles around trying to decide what country to make it in.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #12/14, besides the Ranger the Colorado/Canyon is also small, it just isn't any good. The regular cab Tacoma isn't too big either.

      The spec inflation wars have been much worse to the light duty fullsize truck, which is now extinct. They've all gained 1000lbs, 10K towing capacity, 350hp, and 12mpg - in other words, medium duty trucks with soft rear springs for a nice ride and no bed payload capacity. Stupid before, and with $3.50 gas stupid and unaffordable.

      • 8 Years Ago
      JPG old as it may be, the Ranger is there. It's not a bad truck at all. Just old. I think Hyundai is wasting their time. If Honda makes one and it doesnt sell very well, what makes them think people are going to shell out for a Hyundai truck? Hyundai sales were down this month, and they aren't exactly close to the top. They should focus on the lackluster cars they already have and leave trucks--in any form--to Ford, GM, and Chrysler.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Build it and they will come...

      Just as long as it has a cargo bay longer than the damn baja!

      A waterproof lockbox built under the floor of the bed bed would be essential-for laptops and stuff like that.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why is it that every time Hyundai THINKS about a future model, it becomes a major press release. It's like concepts at the auto show, half won't ever be built and the ones that do won't be anything like the concept.
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