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Volvo wants robots to help collect your garbage

Volvo is working on a project that has robots pick up your trash while a human oversees everything from the relative comfort of the garbage truck.

GM increases number of clean facilities in Asia, has 100 worldwide

General Motors has added two more outlets to its global land-fill free initiative – the Rayong engine plant in Thailand and Cheonga proving ground in Korea. This brings the total to 33 facilities in Asia, 45 in North America and 22 in Europe that recycle, reuse or

Advanced Plasma Power technology converts garbage into gas

As recently as January we reported on plasma vaporisation technology capable of turning organic waste material into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, a mixture called synthesis gas, or syn-gas, that can be used as a fuel or as a valuable feedstock in further chemical processes. The company in question then was U.S. based Integrated Environmental Technologies.

ENCAP developing soil and agricultural products from biofuel byproducts

A company based in Wisconsin called ENCAP has attracted some attention from investors when they recently found an agricultural product with which they can produce using the byproducts from the creation of biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. In fact, they can use "almost any inert material, including byproducts of the sugar cane process, or dried distillers grains from the corn ethanol process", according to Michael Krysiak, presi

I don't care what its made of, as long as it works

Recently it seems that a lot of people have found that you can make biofuels out of just about anything in the world. We've reported on algae, chicken fat and even human fat bei

Xethanol Juices Ethanol From Orange Peel

Xethanol Corporation and Renewable Spirits, LLC have teamed up to build a citrus peel based pilot ethanol production facility in Florida. The pilot plant should be able to produce up to 50,000 gallons / 190,000 litres of ethanol in the upcoming citrus harvesting season alone, later expanding to over 500,000 gallons / 1,900,000 litres per year.

Turning municipal waste in to biofuel

Changing World Technologies, a Manhattan based company, has developed a technology which can turn almost any waste into oil. The company has developed a process which mimics how the earth created some of its own oil reserves, applying intensive pressure and heat to organic matter to produce oil. The process, however, does not take the millions of years it took the earth to produce its oil reserves. The process operates at hyper-speed, and can convert anything carbon-based in to oil. A small expe