Turning municipal waste in to biofuel

Changing World Technologies, a Manhattan based company, has developed a technology which can turn almost any waste into oil. The company has developed a process which mimics how the earth created some of its own oil reserves, applying intensive pressure and heat to organic matter to produce oil. The process, however, does not take the millions of years it took the earth to produce its oil reserves. The process operates at hyper-speed, and can convert anything carbon-based in to oil. A small experimental plant was built seven years ago at the old Navy Yard in Manhattan, and since then the company has built a plant in Carthage, Mo., next to a Butterball turkey rendering plant, where feathers, skin, meat, blood and bones get transformed into heavy oil, distilled water and minerals which can be used as fertilizers. While currently the fuel costs about 20 cents a gallon more to produce than traditional oil, the cost is expected to come down to at least 20 cents a gallon less. Even if there was no significant cost savings, reducing our waste piles should be an incentive.
[Source: Philadelphia Daily News]

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