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Your car can be its own valet

Last year, we brought you news of an automated valet parking system that would allow visitors to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart to have their cars drop them off and then go park itself autonomously. Now, one of Daimler's German rivals plans to offer similar capabilities. Volkswagen Group, which includes Porsche and Audi, is currently testing autonomous parking at the Hamburg Airport, with plans to put the technology into consumer vehicles beginning in 2020.


Let a Charging Experience Specialist do the waiting for you.

Tesla has begun offering valet service at some of its congested Supercharger locations.


Valet mode may have saved a Challenger Hellcat owner from some shenanigans after he captured video of the parking attendants whining about it.

If you just can't be bothered to park your Tesla, Luxe has you covered. In San Francisco and New York, at least.

Supercar too much to handle for valet

Security cameras were rolling as a valet at a swanky hotel in India crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo while trying to pull it around front.

Travelers can use smartphone app to call robot to park their cars, bring them back

Plane to catch and don't feel like hunting for parking? Travelers at Duesseldorf airport in Germany can soon leave the job to a robot valet.


It's relatively common to hear about unethical valets taking a joyride and wrecking high-performance cars. However, a recent 'accident' in Monaco might be one of the weirdest cases ever. Of course, now the lawyers may get involved.

The vehicle ended up in fifteen feet of water

If handing over your keys to a valet sparks trust issues, you might want to skip this video. The sight of this unfortunate owner's car bobbing in fifteen feet of sea water certainly won't make valets seem any more likable.


High-school students with licenses who are looking for driving gigs, rejoice! There could be more valet-parking jobs opening up – and ones that aren't just at expensive restaurants and private parties. Here's what Forbes contributor Jeff McMahon is suggesting, though we're not sure if he's being totally earnest.

Young, inexperienced drivers often handle expensive cars and trucks

The wild joyride in a Porsche taken by a valet parker in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? The episode in Seinfeld in which a hygiene-challenged valet parker left a permanent stench in the car so foul that Jerry Seinfeld's character let the car be stolen? It turns out the stories of valet parkers in the movies and TV are pretty much true.

As if we needed another reason to steer clear of valets everywhere, a report from The Herald Sun claims that a casino in Australia has handed over an F430 to someone other than the owner. This week, professional poker player Van Marcus stopped into the Crown Casino with some friends for a little recreation. Adam Ramsey was there at the same time, though when it came time to leave, Ramsey approached the valet stand claiming that he had lost his ticket. The guy points to the drop-head Ferrari F430

Valets burning all kinds of rubber -- Click above to watch video

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Something tells me the commercials for the new Knight Rider are going to be better than the show they're pimping, but we can hold out hope, however slim it may be. This week's new TV spot features lead character Mercury Mike Tracer as he drops off KITT in front of a valet parking stand, rendering an eager parking attendant speechless. No GT500KR joyride for you, dude. Watch it after the jump.

We have to admit that we've secretly pined for a position as a valet at some upscale nightclub or a sell-your-first-born-for-reservations restaurant. There is something intriguing about the prospect of rubbing elbows with the upper crust of socialites by driving their cherished rides that, in some cases, cost more than we'll see in net income over our lifetime.