As Tesla's electric vehicles become more popular, the company is also working to build out its Supercharger network to accommodate growing demand. If you own a Tesla and drive in places where the cars have enjoyed relative popularity, you might already have access to more charging stations than drivers in more sparsely populated areas. Still, charging stations can become congested, as we saw over the holidays. To make life a little less frustrating at the charger, Tesla is launching a sort of Supercharger valet service, according to Electrek, for when drivers have to wait for a turn to juice up.

It seems there's always an opportunity for Tesla to learn from its latest experiments.

Recently, Tesla put out job listings for "Charging Experience Specialists" to manage the flow of vehicles at Supercharger stations. Now drivers have reported being helped by these employees at certain Supercharger locations in California. When the driver arrives, they're offered to have a valet park their car until a spot opens up, at which time the employee will pull in and begin charging. According to Tesla's earlier job posting, though, other duties include "managing onsite customer demand, understanding customer feedback, conducting field research, and educating customers on products and services, including optimal charging options." It seems there's always an opportunity for Tesla to learn from its latest experiments.

We've seen a similar service already in the partnership between Tesla and Luxe. In select cities, people have been able to use the on-demand parking app to valet their cars and have them charged before requesting the car back.

Of course, Tesla is still working on expanding its charging network to accommodate its growing customer base. Eventually, Tesla may even be able to do away with human valets when the cars have sufficient autonomy to begin their own charging sessions while the driver takes a break to stretch their legs. Elon Musk has so much as said so himself.

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