Valet Driver Crashes New Lamborghini

Security cameras were rolling as a valet at a swanky hotel in India crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo while trying to pull forward into a crowded driveway.

In the video, the $187,000 supercar lurches forward and hits several cars and a hotel worker before careening into a wall. The hotel worker was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and released the same day, according to The Telegraph. Police are investigating the crash to determine if the hotel or the valet owes the car's owner damages.

This seems like an egregious error in judgement, but valets are people too and they make mistakes. Earlier this year, a valet forgot to put the parking brake on a vehicle, which allowed it to roll into the ocean. Another valet accidentally allowed an SUV to roll down a ramp and into a wall in a parking garage.

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