Mercedes Alabama ops ordered to allow workers to discuss unionization

A decision last week by the National Labor Relations Board has bolstered the efforts of the United Auto Workers at Mercedes-Benz's Tuscaloosa, AL factory, as the union continues its attempts to represent the factory's workers.

According to Reuters, the NLRB ruled that Mercedes-Benz US International, the proper name of the company behind the Tuscaloosa factory, can no longer prevent workers from discussing unionization in work areas while off the clock.

While MBUSI maintains that it's not taking a side on unionization and that it wants the "the decision left to our team members," the UAW is still arguing that the US facility should take the same position on unions that the rest the world's Mercedes-Benz plants take and. Speaking to Reuters, the UAW says that stance "acknowledges the human right to form trade unions" and "respects the right of collective bargaining."

According to Reuters, the Alabama factory employs 3,500 workers – 2,500 full time and 1,000 "temporary" – and is the only Daimler-owned factory on the planet not to offer employees the opportunity for representation.

Presently, the Tuscaloosa facility assembles Mercedes' C-Class, GL-Class and M-Class vehicles.

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