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IIHS study: higher speed limits led to 36,000 extra deaths

IIHS looks at the effects of increasing speed limits from 1993 to 2017

IIHS looks at the effects of increasing speed limits from 1993 to 2017

WHO: Traffic injuries are leading killer of children and young people

Report says there are 1.35 million annual traffic deaths worldwide

Report says there are 1.35 million annual traffic deaths worldwide.

A teen driving with other teens is deadlier for everyone on the road

The chance of a fatality rises dramatically

The chance of a fatality rises dramatically.

Despite slight improvement, 2017 was another deadly year for pedestrians

Nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed by motorists in 2017

Nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed by motorists in 2017.

U.S. traffic deaths fall 3.1 percent in first half of 2018

They fell for 2017, too

They fell for 2017, too.

Why pedestrian death rate is shooting up, and how to save more lives

IIHS says one vehicle type has an 81 percent spike in fatalities

Pedestrian deaths in the U.S. are climbing at an alarming rate, jumping 46 percent since reaching a low point in 2009, according to federal data. Now, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety identifies some trends behind the numbers and offers some recommendations.

Pokemon Go led to hundreds of traffic deaths, study suggests

More deaths, more injuries in far more car crashes, Purdue researchers say

The spike in car crashes went away when the Pokemon craze faded.

Traffic fatalities at their highest since 2007

Fatal accidents up 5.6 percent, but distracted driving is actually down.

Surprisingly, there is some good news.

Pedestrian deaths spike: Distracted driving - and walking - blamed

Up an estimated 11 percent over the previous year.

That's 6,000 pedestrians killed, an additional 620 more than the year before.

States with medical marijuana laws have fewer traffic fatalities, according to a new study

This is only the case with younger drivers, although they don't represent the majority of medical marijuana users.

US traffic fatalities rise 10 percent in 2016

The figure will most likely increase in the second half of the year.

Ditching red-light cameras increases fatalities 30 percent

So says an IIHS study that looked at 57 different cities.

The lives of the many outweigh the cost to your wallet.

Warren Buffett: Self-driving cars will upend car insurance

Billionaire investor predicts big long-term changes, praises Ralph Nader.

At least two prominent billionaires believe the arrival of self-driving cars will eventually spell the end of the auto insurance industry. Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday morning, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates said they believe autonomous vehicles will upend car insurers.

Pedestrian death rate jumps at fastest pace ever recorded

Despite efforts to eliminate fatalities, they're instead increasing at historic rates.

Pedestrian deaths are increasing at the fastest rate recorded since record keeping began more than four decades ago. Researchers project a 10-percent year-over-year increase in pedestrian deaths in 2015.

Huge spike in traffic deaths is largest since 1940s

Latest Statistics Show A 9.3-Percent Increase In Fatalities On American Roads

Traffic fatalities continue to rise at their fastest pace in decades, according to the latest federal data available.

Not all are happy about government's new pact with auto industry

Former NHTSA Administrator: Safety Agreement Is 'Toothless'

Back in December, the Department of Transportation won a long-sought increase in the maximum fine it could levy against automakers who flouted federal safety standards. Lawmakers tripled the amount from $35 million to $105 million for each violation.

No surprise, New Year's brings out drunk drivers like no other day

Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths And Pedestrian Fatalities Historically Spike On January 1

New Year's Day might be a great day to stay home. It's annually one of the deadliest days on American roads.

New drunk-driving ads will play before Star Wars at theaters

Safety Advocates Trying To Thwart Drunks Before Start Of Holiday Season

Forget the new Star Wars movie. The Force awakening today might be law enforcement. Federal officials announced a renewed attempt Thursday to crack down on drunk drivers throughout the holiday season.

Ralph Nader's 'Unsafe At Any Speed' turns 50 today

Muckraking Book Angered Auto Industry, Has Lasting Impact For Motorists

Fifty years later, Ralph Nader's automotive expose "Unsafe At Any Speed" remains relevant and vital for American drivers.

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