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Suzuki and VW finalize their divorce

Suzuki and Volkswagen have officially ended their partnership after a new settlement resolved the final dispute.

Volkswagen forced to sell stake in Suzuki

A London arbitration panel approves the termination of the partnership between Volkswagen and Suzuki. It finds no fault with VW, but says Suzuki failed in one obligation.

Suzuki gets legal with VW over troubled partnership

Suzuki is turning to legal arbiters in the UK in an attempt to force Volkswagen to return its 19.9-percent stake in the Japanese automaker, according to Automotive News Europe. VW purchased the sizable slice of Suzuki in 2009 for around $2.1 billion when the two embarked on a corporate partnershi

Court ruling on VW-Suzuki partnership spat not expected until 2013

The partnership beween Volkswagen and Suzuki is more than two years old, yet in that time, more acrimony and court proceedings have been created than jointly developed products – not hard to do when that product number is zero. Continent-crossing accusations have included Suzuki being upset at

Despite public squabbles, VW says it plans to keep Suzuki stake

Last month on The Young and the Restless Volkswagen-Suzuki Partnership, Osamu Suzuki was publicly declaring his angst with the "ball-and-chain" union, proclaiming it needed to end and serving legal papers. Volkswagen, meanwhile, was sayi

Suzuki to end alliance with Volkswagen

We don't know how you say "Throw down the gauntlet" in Japanese, but Suzuki CEO Osamu Suzuki has apparently gone and done it. Claiming that his company's relationship with Volkswagen has the potential to become a "ball and chain" if it continues it current course, Suzuki apparently sees so little hope of remedy that he has suggested an amicable separation.

VW, Suzuki not on speaking terms, thinking about seeing other people

You know the script – you meet somebody new and all cylinders seem to be firing in perfect harmony. You decide to see more of each other, consider moving your relationship to the so-called next level. You exchange keys. And that's when things start to go sour.

Suzuki fed up with Volkswagen, may partner with Fiat instead

In 2010, Volkswagen purchased 19.9 percent of Suzuki, and the two have been working together in the form of a self-described comprehensive partnership. Apparently, "working together" means different things to the two automakers, however, because neither side is thrilled with the Japanese-German automotive tie-up. So much so, that Suzuki may be looking to take its talents to Italy.

Suzuki looks to reassert independence as VW partnership sours

Volkswagen and Suzuki may be headed back to the drawing board to re-outline the nature of the two automakers' partnership. Both companies have expressed their frustrations with the way that the German manufacturer's 20-percent stake in its Japanese associate has worked out thus far, with VW taking t

Report: Suzuki not interested in selling larger stake to Volkswagen

Volkswagen currently holds a 19.9-percent stake in Suzuki, making the German automaker the largest shareholder in the much smaller Japanese automaker. Will VW try to increase its stake in Suzuki in the future? Not if it's up to Suzuki CEO Osamu Suzuki.

Report: Suzuki breaks off alt-power partnership with GM

According to Reuters, Suzuki plans on ending joint development programs with General Motors next month - the two had been partnering on innovative hybrid and fuel-cell technologies. The news follows on the heels of last month's announcement that that Suzuki and Volkswagen had tied the knot (as part of that agreement, VW bought 19.9

After Volkswagen hookup, Suzuki quits hybrid, fuel cell work with General Motors

Suzuki SX4 fuel cell concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Suzuki CEO indicates joint projects with VW to start in January

Volkswagen and Suzuki won't waste anytime at all in getting started on their assorted joint projects. Well, unless you count the holidays, which we'll let slide. At the launch of the new Suzuki Alto, CEO Osama Suzuki told reporters that the newly tied-at-the-hip automakers will begin "Actual, detailed execution – with our people going there an

Officially Official: VW and Suzuki tie the knot

As you can see from the image above depicting Osamu Suzuki, chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corp. and Martin Winterkorn, his counterpart at Volkswagen AG, the two auto companies have agreed to link arms. Volkswagen has properly announced that it has "reached a common understanding to Jonathon Ramsey

REPORT: Suzuki CEO nips VW tie-up rumors in the bud

Those constant rumors that Volkswagen may acquire a 10-percent stake in Suzuki all have one thing in common: they all emanate from the Volkswagen side of the coin. Naturally, no such deal can be completely one-sided, and whenever given the opportunity Suzuki has consistently denied

REPORT: Suzuki CEO denies talks with VW amidst tie-up rumors

Suzuki Alto Lapin - Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Suzuki CEO denies talks with VW amidst tie-up rumors

Suzuki Alto Lapin - Click above for high-res image gallery