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Suzuki fed up with Volkswagen, may partner with Fiat instead

In 2010, Volkswagen purchased 19.9 percent of Suzuki, and the two have been working together in the form of a self-described comprehensive partnership. Apparently, "working together" means different things to the two automakers, however, because neither side is thrilled with the Japanese-German automotive tie-up. So much so, that Suzuki may be looking to take its talents to Italy.

Suzuki currently has a deal with Fiat, in which the Japanese automaker supplies its SX4 crossover for rebadging as the Sedici in Europe. There are reports that Suzuki is looking for ways to expand its relationship with Fiat, yet we've heard no word on whether the Italian automaker is interested in getting any cozier at this point.

Why is Suzuki ready to move on from Volkswagen? The automaker reportedly wants to get its hands dirty on some of VW's North American assembly facilities, but that hasn't happened yet. On the flip side, Volkswagen wants a piece of the Indian car market. Suzuki has strong roots planted in that market thanks to its partnership with Maruti. Both sides have clearly been expecting more out of this relationship, yet neither is happy. Suzuki has a lot more to lose, however, so expect to see it make a move sooner rather than later.

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