Motorcycle-powered merry-go-round – click above to watch the video after the jump
Say you and three of your closest buddies find yourselves out for a leisurely Sunday cruise on your motorbikes, when you stumble upon the old schoolyard merry-go-round. Following an intense session of cerebral activity, and the obligatory drawing of straws, it is decided that all the necessary ingredients are on hand for a primitive recreation of the Gravitron. We know, it can feel like so long between carnival visits sometimes.

Moral of the story: First, if you are the guy in the red pants, it's officially time to begin the new friend hunt. Second, if you haven't yet found a use for motorcycles, open your mind, they really are very multifaceted. When was the last time you utilized your car to create a backyard, makeshift carnival ride? Wait, don't answer that, just hit the jump to watch the complete Moto-Go-Round experience. Thanks for the tip, Duy.

[Source: YouTube]

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