Why isn't stupid against the law everywhere? A tour bus driver may be fined under Arizona's 'Stupid Motorist Law' after he drove directly into a flash flood, stranding him and his 33 passengers.

Bus driver Joseph Razon was taking a Canyon Coach Lines bus loaded with tourists back to Las Vegas when he tried to cross a heavily flooded area after heavy rainstorms. Predictably, the bus was swept up in the floodwaters and carried 300 yards before it rolled on to its side. Everyone escaped unharmed and made it on to dry land before rescue workers arrived.

Seems like a happy ending, but not for Razon. He may end up paying for the rescue. The stupidity law in Arizona says anyone dumb enough to drive into a flood and get stranded has to pay for the rescue operation. The bus line told ABC News that it would be unfair to charge the driver because he was not aware of flash flood warnings in the area. We aren't sure if ignorance will work as a defense against stupidity charges, but we are going to follow the case.

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