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Closure catches everyone by surprise, students with reservations in the dark

Closure catches everyone by surprise, students with reservations in the dark.


The entire proceeds go to charity

The entire proceeds go to charity.

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New grille comes on more than just the Hellcat

New grille comes on more than just the Hellcat


It's a new record for Hellcats in Indiana — but just barely

When fisherman catch big fish, they want the world to know about it. That's approximately how the Indiana State Police felt when they busted a 707-horsepower muscle car booking it at more than 160 miles per hour. The ISP were chuffed enough about the catch that they put out a press release titled, "160 Mile Per Hour Hellcat Tamed On The Indiana Toll Road." The Hellcat driver, J. Jesus Duran Sandoval, told the arresting officer that he was "just trying to get to Maryland."


Industry slow to implement OTA, and a recent Uconnect snafu won’t help

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Fiat Chrysler is showing new performance add-ons for the 2018 Dodge Durango R/T and SRT models at the Chicago Auto Show, including the familiar Dodge dual center stripes and a new Mopar exhaust system. The 475-horsepower SRT model, which is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi V8, will also offer a lowering spring kit and a carbon-fiber instrument panel.


We drove it. You get to watch.

Watch the drag-strip launch at Lucas Oil Raceway.

New York

There were a lot of cryptic codes and numbers. We break it all down for you.

New York

We never thought the Hellcat would look so tame.

Dodge claims this is the quickest production V8 ever built.

New York

Here's a gallery with all of the new Demon photos.


The final teaser hints at the possibility.

That's far quicker than a Challenger Hellcat.


A/C systems don't always sap power.

It may be not be a new idea, but it's a first for a production car.


The launch system can adjust fuel and timing on the fly.

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Sure, that's a real Liberty Walk kit...

This prototype is dressed curiously.


Changes to begin later this year.

Sorry, but the Viper is still dead.


Drive For Design Contest Winners Announced

High school students from across the country have taken a whack at the future of SRT Hellcat models as part of FCA's Drive For Design Contest.

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