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We first informed you yesterday about an interesting looking Dodge Journey SRT R/T prototype that AB reader Nick Leonard stumbled upon in Saginaw, MI. With its manufacturer lincense plates, unique wheels, quad exhaust tips, road-hugging stance and a well-integrated new front fascia, we figured might be some kind of HiPo Mopar project that the company has kept close to its vest. We didn't know anything else about it other than the fact that we wanted to know more.

Well, today we have word of a secondhand account of the beast that would add fuel to the fire. Apparently, if a new LS1Tech thread is to be believed, this Journey is pretty darned quick. Forum member Outlaw55 tells the story:
Just got smoked by a white Dodge SUV thing! I was just out cruising back to work after grabbing a bite to eat and I got pumbled by some newer 4-door Dodge wagon/SUV looking thing. My 02 SS has been 12.90's with Drag Radials and now it has Blizzacs on the back but everything else was the same.

It was behind me and then beside at a stop light. I did not intend to race the guy but my lane ended about 10 yards ahead so I punched it when the light went green, his fender was at my door m so I banged second and went WOT and he friggin passed me. I merged in behind him and then my turn came up and I got off that road.

WTF. It wasn't a Cherokee SRT8 and it certainly wasn't V8 because it didn't sound like it. It had 5 star rims and quad exhausts..thing was white ?
Granted, this was on Michigan's cold winter streets and the Chevrolet Camaro in question was wearing Blizzaks, but either way, it would appear that this all-wheel drive Journey is packing some serious heat. Outlaw says he didn't think it was a V8, and it would be hard to believe a Hemi could be crammed into the Journey's engine bay, so if we had to guess, it might have a breathed-on SRT-4 powerplant in there. With the Caliber SRT-4 turbo mill underhood, it could be producing as much as 285 horsepower in stock configuration, possibly enough to humble the Camaro under very poor traction conditions. But who knows, perhaps it was secreting some extra boost? Thanks for the tip, Tracy!

[Source: LS1Tech]

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