SRT safe from the firing squad

It's no secret that Chrysler's going through a rough patch right now as it sets its turnaround plan in motion. Just last week, the automaker announced additional job and manufacturing cutbacks and killed off four underperforming models. Of interest to enthusiasts, however, is the news that SRT, the in-house tuner responsible for niche vehicles like the Dodge Charger SRT8 shown above, went unscathed.

In an interview with Edmunds Auto Observer, SRT marketing head Michael Accavitti weighs in with his thoughts about SRT's current position and future direction, how the Daimler split affects it (not much, apparently) and how it'll fare under new Chrysler boss Bob Nardelli (Accavitti is extremely "up" on the former Home Depot chief). We encourage you to read the interview in full, but based on his comments, it seems that SRT remains very much in the plan for Chrysler. It has received support from new sales/marketing/product czar Jim Press, who understands the need to have halo cars such as the SRT models, and for his part, Accavitti doesn't come across as someone who's worried his toys might get taken away from him anytime soon. Check it out by clicking here or hitting the "Read" link below.

[Source: Edmunds Auto Observer]

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