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This is why blindfold slalom racing is a bad idea

Blindfold slalom racing sounds like a really dumb, albeit entertaining, idea. The concept is quite simple: blindfold a driver, find a co-driver to bark orders and see who can negotiate a set course the quickest. Of course, any time you have someone behind the wheel who has no idea where the car is going, there's the potential for crashes, and this short video delivers.

VIDEO: Fisker Karma shows its mojo

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VIDEO: Fisker Karma shows its mojo

A year ago, less a day, we showed you the first clip of the Fisker Karma in motion. More footage was shot that afternoon but inexplicably, it's taken this long for it to find its way onto the internet. What we have here is 52 seconds of exuberant pedal down slalom carving and skidpad circling. The driver makes the tires squawk so much you forget all about the unfortunate pop tune dubbed into the clip.

VIDEO: Superbowl Spot Smackdown - Honda jumps in for the 4th quarter

Honda's adding to the Super Bowl spot cacaphony this year, joining Toyota, GM, and Ford. Almost as important as the football, the commercials are often more entertaining than the game itself, and it's not unheard of for non-sports folks to actually tune in for the commercials. While there are often new and highly-amusing spots debuted during the big game, Honda's offerings have already aired. One of the spots depicts a CR-V dancing to a remix of Elvis's "Burnin' Love,"