Blindfold slalom racing sounds like a really dumb, albeit entertaining, idea. The concept is quite simple: blindfold a driver, find a co-driver to bark orders and see who can negotiate a set course the quickest. Of course, any time you have someone behind the wheel who has no idea where the car is going, there's the potential for crashes, and this short video delivers.

This video demonstrates how blindfolded slalom is supposed to go, as well as what it looks like when things go wrong. You even get a glimpse at the aftermath. It seems like it would be a lot more fun with beater cars you didn't care about, not what looks like a pretty clean third-generation Toyota Supra. By running this event on a drag strip with retaining walls, these guys are putting themselves and some nice cars in harm's way. That said, the video below would also appear to be a good reminder of one of life's key tenets: Always pick a good co-driver.

Fair Warning: the video contains some mildly explicit language. Scroll down to check it out, and let us know in Comments if you'd be willing to try blindfold slalom racing.

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