VIDEO: Superbowl Spot Smackdown - Honda jumps in for the 4th quarter

Honda's adding to the Super Bowl spot cacaphony this year, joining Toyota, GM, and Ford. Almost as important as the football, the commercials are often more entertaining than the game itself, and it's not unheard of for non-sports folks to actually tune in for the commercials. While there are often new and highly-amusing spots debuted during the big game, Honda's offerings have already aired. One of the spots depicts a CR-V dancing to a remix of Elvis's "Burnin' Love," while the other touts the company's fuel-efficiency by showing the Honda fleet slaloming around gas pumps. One cool thing about the Elvis spot is a shot of the nav screen, zoomed in on Graceland. Nice.The ads are scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of the game, we assume to cash in on the presumption that more viewers are watching the critical last minutes of the matchup. It's just too bad the ads aren't debuting during the Super Bowl - forget the game, our watercooler talk is going to be about the great new spots we saw, and since we've seen these already...

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[Source: Honda]

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