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A year ago, less a day, we showed you the first clip of the Fisker Karma in motion. More footage was shot that afternoon, but it's inexplicably taken this long for it to find its way onto the internet. What we have here is 52 seconds of exuberant, pedal-down slalom carving and skidpad circling in the Fisker Karma. The driver makes the tires squawk so much that you forget all about the unfortunate pop tune dubbed into the clip.

While not as polished as Fisker's recently-aired commercial, it does give a more accurate hint of how the luxo-sport hybrid-electric might handle. That is to say with a bit of understeer, though its wide stance does help keep the car from revealing its considerable weight. So ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and hit the jump for some wheel-squealing Karma action. Scroll down a bit further to revisit the aforementioned commercial spot as well.

[Source: YouTube]

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