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Barrett-Jackson 2014: Simon Cowell's 2008 Bugatti Veyron is a $1.375M certified pre-owned car [w/video]

For a man who's best known for being mean to aspiring singers, Simon Cowell sure seems to garner lots of attention. While Cowell himself didn't make an appearance at Barrett-Jackson, his black on black Bugatti Veyron did, and bidding on it ended with a final sale price of $1.375 million.

Top Gear not returning until 2013 [w/video]

Jeremy Clarkson did an 11-minute interview with a South African radio station that has a name to match its geographic location. Clarkson discussed what it took to make the Top Gear segment that had them drivng around the Monaco GP circuit on a race weekend, the coming

Ecclestone consulting the American Idol Simons on increasing showmanship in F1?

More than anything else, Bernie Ecclestone is a businessman. And as a businessman, he's interested in increasing the spectacle in Formula One racing. To that end, reports suggest that the F1 chief is talking with Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller – the creative forces behind American Idol, among countless other reality TV shows – about how to make F1 more attractive to a broader audience.

Does Simon Cowell own the least eco-friendly fleet of cars in the world?

City Car Club, a carshare operator established in 2000 and based in the U.K. operates a fleet of vehicles including many Honda Civic Hybrids. The carshare group recently polled celebrities to find out what kind of vehicles they drive. Afterwards, the average CO2 emissions of their fleets were summed up and the celebs were ranked. The worst of the worst turns out to be Simon Cowell, the judge you know and love from Americ