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Dyson's electric car venture to be three-part

The first car won't have solid-state batteries after all.

The first Dyson vehicle is planned for 2020.

Dyson drops solid-state battery patents

The reasons are unclear, as is the future of a Dyson EV.

It's not necessarily bad news, though.

Government documents reveal Dyson is making an electric car

The company is getting a bit of help from the UK government.

In a now-retracted government document, we learn that Dyson is getting UK government money to 'develop a new battery electric vehicle.'

Sakti3 scooped up by Dyson for a cool $90 million

Vacuum-Cleaner Maker Broadens Technology Investment, May Reach Plug-In Vehicles

Solid-state lithium-ion technology from University of Michigan spin-off is the draw.

Livestream: Ricardo Innovation & Sustainability Symposium 2015

Autoblog Editor-in-Chief Sharon Carty Panels Discussion On The Future Of The Automotive Industry

How easy is it to plan for the future when you've got billions of dollars at stake and no crystal ball? A group of automotive industry leaders get together to talk it out.

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Sakti3's 'disruptive' solid state lithium battery tech inches closer

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from Sakti3, the Ann Arbor-based battery company that has been working on next-generation solid state lithium batteries for many years. Heck, even the company's websi

Solid-state batteries hold tremendous potential and big challenges

Solid-state battery technology is the electric vehicle Holy Grail. Or is it?

Ann Marie Sastry and Sakti3 developing solid-state lithium-ion batteries

Matthew Dakotah over at the Huffington Post has been writing a special "Women in Power" series that profiles leaders in energy and environmental innovation. His latest article on Ann Marie Sastry piqued our interest since she happens to be President and CEO of Sakti3. If you recall, Sakti3 is a promising next-generation lithium-ion battery developer that General Motors and Itochu invest

GM Ventures, Itochu invest $4.2m in Michigan battery company Sakti3

A little over a month ago, General Motors Ventures announced its first investment: an undisclosed amount in Indiana-based plug-in hybrid van maker Sebastian Blanco

Sakti3, Michigan based li-ion battery developer, raises $7 million in new funding

Sakti3, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company that develops lithium-ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles, has secured additional funding worth an additional $7 million that will help them expand production facilities and develop new technologies.

Michigan-based Sakti3 readying advanced batteries for cars

Michigan is quickly becoming a center of lithium ion battery manufacturing in the United States. Funny thing is, almost none of the companies setting up factories in the state are based there. Sakti3 Inc. wants a piece of that battery pie and it was formed right here in Ann Arbor. Sakti3 is the brainchild of Professor Ann Marie Sastry of the University of Michigan. Sastry's research at the university focuses on t

Vinod Khosla stands by lithium ion batteries are "overhyped" statement; sees money to be made

Sun Microsystems founder Vinod Khosla has not been shy about making his bets on the automotive future known. Wherever there has been an opportunity to invest in or promote advanced ethanol, it seems Khosla was there, giving it at least a cursory look (see, for example, Coska

Sakti3 looks for $15 million grant from Dep. of Energy

Sakti3, a lithium-ion battery start-up company based in old Detroit got its start in 2007 with the help of University of Michigan professor Ann Marie Sastry. Now, we hear that the company has not only secured $15 million capital for its project, but is also doing paperwork to get an additional $15 million f