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Michigan-based Sakti3 readying advanced batteries for cars

Michigan is quickly becoming a center of lithium ion battery manufacturing in the United States. Funny thing is, almost none of the companies setting up factories in the state are based there. Sakti3 Inc. wants a piece of that battery pie and it was formed right here in Ann Arbor. Sakti3 is the brainchild of Professor Ann Marie Sastry of the University of Michigan. Sastry's research at the university focuses on two areas: battery materials and manufacturing processes.

Working out the manufacturing issues may well be the key to driving down the cost of batteries, but reducing the manufacturing cost of batteries may not be as simple as scaling up volumes. Sastry believes that she and her partners have developed some potential breakthroughs in both materials and manufacturing that can help Sakti3 make some real headway in the auto industry in the next several years. At this point, Sastry has not publicly revealed any details of what Sakti3 is working on and won't until they get further along.

In addition to running her company, Sastry also runs the Advanced Battery Coalition for Drivetrains (ABCD) center at the university. ABCD trains both engineering students and working engineers to develop batteries for automotive applications.

[Source: Ann Arbor Chronicle]

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