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Car From Gosling's Directorial Debut, Driven By Dr. Who's Matt Smith

The Car from Gosling's directorial debut, driven by Dr. Who's Matt Smith in the film, is for sale. It's your chance to own a tiny piece of Hollywood.


With the unemployment rate in Michigan still topping 11% and a new law cutting benefits from 26 weeks to just 20, there is a growing fear among social services workers that people will start taking drastic measures to survive. While we're not sure if financial necessity and/or having lots of extra time on her hands pushed a Detroit-area moviegoer to sue the theater where she saw Drive, her legal action certainly qualifies as "drastic."

Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, looks like it will rank among 2011's most car-guy-friendly (albeit cheesy) movies. Gosling's character is named, simply, "Driver," and his sole job is to -- you guessed it -- drive. And drive he does, out-maneuvering a Chrysler 300 in a jet-black Ford Mustang GT in one of the action sequences.


The only thing the car crowd loves more than a good heist movie is a good flick about getaway drivers. It's a simple formula that mixes one troubled soul running from his past to try and live the straight and narrow with a damsel in distress and one last job. It's what made BMW's The Hire series so compelling and the Fast and the Furious franchise so addicting. Now Ryan Gosling, along with the beautiful Christina Hendricks and Carey Mulligan have teamed up with director Nicholas Winding Refn for