Ryan Gosling turns from stuntman to race car shoe in Drive

  • Drive Movie stills

The only thing the car crowd loves more than a good heist movie is a good flick about getaway drivers. It's a simple formula that mixes one troubled soul running from his past to try and live the straight and narrow with a damsel in distress and one last job. It's what made BMW's The Hire series so compelling and the Fast and the Furious franchise so addicting. Now Ryan Gosling, along with the beautiful Christina Hendricks and Carey Mulligan have teamed up with director Nicholas Winding Refn for their own spin on the Hollywood staple: Drive.

The movie casts Gosling as a wheel-man by night, race car driver by day who opts to help his neighbors settle some old debts. A double-cross ensues and before you know it, there's a Ford Mustang GT being chased down a freeway backwards by a Chrysler 300, Gosling threatening to shove a bullet in some guys head via a carpenter's hammer and Hendricks looking, well, like only she can look.

We're sold, even if it means having to watch a Chevrolet Nova meet its untimely end. Hit the jump for the Drive red-band trailer.

*Warning: Potentially Not Safe For Work.

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