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Multiple reports indicate that Bosch warned VW in 2007 against using the engine management software VW used to skirt diesel emissions tests. A VW engineer warned the company again in 2011.


The Volkswagen Group has already revealed or put on sale a broad slate of new electric vehicles: the E-up, the E-Golf (shown above), the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Panamera S E-Hybrid and the XL1. In 2014, there will be at least six more models, including the A3 Sportback E-Tron. And after that? Well, to hear Rudolf Krebs, Group Commissioner For Electric Vehicle Drive Systems, tell it, VW's future is full of plug-in goodness. "With our platform strategy, it is quite easy to bring a lot of electrifi

Los Angeles

Volkswagen has staked out a claim to be the industry leader in electric vehicles. One of the executives leading the VW Group into an e-mobililty future is Rudolf Krebs, who took over VW's electrification efforts back in 2010. Today, he is the group commissioner for electric drive systems for the VW Group, and he took part in a green energy round table at the LA Auto Show today. We'll have a more complete write-up on that discussion later, but for now we wanted to tease out something Krebs said a

It's Not Late, It Just Won't Be Here Until 2014

An executive shuffle in the Volkswagen Group sees Dr. Rudolf Krebs take over as the Group Chief Officer for Electric Traction. Dr. Krebs takes over the job from Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, who is headed to China to take over all of VW's operations there. Krebs has his work cut out for him in Europe, as Volkswagen has recently announced a very aggressive program for rolling out a range of electric and hybrid vehicles by 2013.