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Porsche Panamera wagon may appear next year

If it is released, the Panamera will be about the only fast wagon in America.

Porsche confirms Sport Turismo styling cues for rest of lineup

Whether or not it's ever going to be built, the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept sounds like it will be playing a pivotal role in upcoming Porsche products. Following the car's debut at the Paris Motor Show, Motor Trend sat down with Porsche AG President and CEO, Jeffrey N. Ross

Porsche bringing Panamera wagon concept to the Paris Motor Show

Ask an automaker what buyers say they want from the next generation of a certain vehicle, and one of the answers will almost certainly be "More room." Porsche Panamera buyers are no different, having done enough clamoring for additional cargo space that Porsche sees reason to at least test the idea. Jonathon Ramsey

Porsche planning Panamera Shooting Brake, McLaren mulling one, too

Wagon fever long ago caught on in Europe, but the fervor may be set to reach new heights. Porsche and McLaren are reporte

If the Porsche Panamera were a wagon, would it be any sweeter?

Last week, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn reportedly mooted three new Porsches to fill out the line: something beneath the Boxster, a "baby Cayenne," and a Panamera variant. When it comes to that last model, the consensus among Autoblog commenters seems to be "Give us a new 928 or 944!"