Ask an automaker what buyers say they want from the next generation of a certain vehicle, and one of the answers will almost certainly be "More room." Porsche Panamera buyers are no different, having done enough clamoring for additional cargo space that Porsche sees reason to at least test the idea. Last month there were rumors of such, Automotive News has now confirmed that a concept will be arriving at the Paris Motor Show and be used to judge reaction.

Of course, we'd been hoping that Panamera development would be focused in the other direction first, something in the two-door variety that would satisfy our hankerings for a new 928 GTS. We're happy to report that, also according to Auto News, work on that is progressing as well, but the potential wagon money and the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake have beckoned the Griswold's Vacation version to the plate first.

Should the wagon concept come to life it won't do so before 2016, and it will be part of the multitudinous plans being developed for the second-generation car on its more versatile platform. So far the possibilities include the aforementioned two-door and a four-seater convertible, a long-wheelbase version for China, and perhaps the wagon, with Bentley adding a new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 in the mix and platform cross-pollenization with the next Bentley GT and GTC. We'll have more information from the Paris Motor Show floor.

Porsche Panamera Information

Porsche Panamera

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