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Nissan sues Ghosn's sister while Renault finds no irregularities in his pay

Still, the French automaker is lining up potential replacements at CEO

Still, the French automaker is lining up potential replacements at CEO.

Macron and Abe seek to avert messy Renault-Nissan breakup

Abe said 'the future of the alliance is up to private-sector shareholders'

Abe said 'the future of the alliance is up to private-sector shareholders.'

Ghosn out at Nissan, still in at Renault, still in jail in Tokyo and facing more charges

French journalist says Ghosn 'does not understand what hit him'

French journalist says Ghosn 'does not understand what hit him.'

Carlos Ghosn to step down as Nissan CEO on April 1

He remains in charge of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, as well as Mitsubishi.

Interview with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn | 2016 NAIAS Live

We Discuss Autonomous Driving And The Nissan Titan Warrior

From the Autoblog booth at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Patrick McIntyre interviews Renault-Nissan Chairman, President and CEO Carlos Ghosn. Topics include autonomous driving and Nissan's Titan Warrior concept at NAIAS 2016.

Renault-Nissan debuts new Common Module Family for future vehicles

Platform sharing is nothing new for the 14-year-old Renault-Nissan Alliance, but this partnership is set to introduce new modular platform components that will eventually underpin 11 Renault models and three Nissan vehicles by 2020. Rather than being a typical platform, the Common Module Family (CMF) actually represents five segments of a platform that can be used in various applications, and one of the first vehicles to use this architecture will be the 2014 Nissan Rogue (spy shots of which are

Carlos Ghosn under fire at Renault Nissan?

Carlos Ghosn is one of the most dynamic automotive executives you'll currently find. Thanks to his turnaround of Nissan and the way he whipped Renault into shape, Ghosn can stand shoulder to shoulder with such luminaries as Lutz and Marchionne. Past success aside, Renault's investors are less than happy with the present, and they have expressed their displeasure by rejecting Ghosn's latest six-year plan for Renault.

Report: Carlos Ghosn gets four more years as Renault CEO

What's the least surprising thing you'll hear all day?

WSJ: Daimler and Renault-Nissan in "final stages" of alliance talk

Daimler is looking for a new kind of Renault Alliance, one that includes Nissan. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, there is a deal pending between Renault-Nissan and Daimler to partner on things like engines and platforms, as well as further development on matters that could help increase fuel efficiency. The two companies feel that partnering in those areas would help develop the technology more effectively while keeping the costs more manageable.

Nissan to start electric car pilot program in China

Nissan and its corporate partner Renault seem to have embarked on what could best be described as a march towards electric vehicle world domination. Over the last few weeks alone, we've heard about Nissan's plans to bring EVs to the United Kingdom, United States, Monaco, Ireland and Switzerland. We also expect the dual-headed company to launch its electric machinery in its home markets of France and Japan.

Nissan and Renault to share virtually all new engines

Click for a high res gallery of the new Nissan-Renault V9X diesel V6

Nissan and Renault officially launch new diesel V6

Click for a high res gallery of the new Nissan-Renault diesel

Renault and Nissan to follow battery electrics with fuel cells

Nissan and Renault have already announced plans to start offering battery electric vehicles beginning in 2010 for fleet testing with retail availability a year or two later. However batteries aren't the only technology they are looking at for emissions-free running. Hydrogen fuel cells are also in the picture. Nissan has been testing fuel cell-powered versions of its X-Trail SUV for the past two years with examples leased to Japanese government agencies. Renault and Nissan are now jointly workin